Ways to Sell Your Romance Book Online in the Romance Niche

Ways to Sell Your Romance Book Online in the Romance Niche

You have followed all the steps that a good writer must take in order to get his book written and published. It took months of hard work until you saw, page by page, your long-dreamed-of romance book in your hands. But what now? What can you do to boost your sales and get a return on your hard-earned dedication? Well, you can hire an agent, who is trained to circulate your romance book in the most different means of dissemination that your book should be in. But there is also another way: betting on online dissemination. Today there are also agencies that deal directly with internet advertising.

Social Networks

When talking about online promotion it is impossible not to remember Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and some others. So there is nothing more fair than promoting your romance book through them. Facebook has its own ad system, Facebook Ads, which is very effective in promoting your book. You can also create a page for yourself or your work to promote your sales. On Twitter and Instagram, make the most of hashtags to promote your work.

Send to the press

One of the best ways to promote your romance book without leaving home is to invest in promoting it to journalists and opinion makers through e-mail. Therefore, you can make a release about the plot and send it to these contacts. The ideal is that you gather contacts from radios, newspapers, TVs, websites and blogs on the subject. If your romance book is more regional, search for contacts in about 10 cities in your region. Otherwise, you are free to choose with whom to share your work. Another tip is to send this release to niches related to the content of your romance book. This way the chances are even greater. You can even create a newsletter and share further content about your book such as book clubs and promotions, for example.

A romance blog will help you a lot

You can also generate content from your story and host it in a blog. There you will post short articles about the book, and you can relate them to current issues that will appeal to the readers of the blog. This is already halfway to a purchase. If you prefer, you can write about different subjects without such a strong link to the romance book in question, but don’t forget to mention it. It is important that your blog has a certain rotation, with posts at least once a week, on set days. This will build reader loyalty.

It sounds like bullshit, but sweepstakes work

There is no promotion without your obvious investment. That is why making partnerships with websites is a good idea. You can provide some copies for raffles in sites and blogs specialized in promoting romance books for readers. Remember this. After all, you are looking for readers, not writers. That’s why it’s important to promote your work on sites geared to this audience. There are many writers who sin in this respect and end up promoting their work to so many other writers who seek the same thing: to sell their books.

Have you heard of romance book trailer

Do you have some money left over to invest? One more alternative is the Book Trailer. Hire a good editor to create a short video about your book. Release this video along with the material on as many portals as you can. This will also help your book to circulate.

Don’t forget that the worst part is over: getting published. Now a certain patience is needed for the results of the promotion to come in. Believe me, with a good promotion campaign they will come. Stay focused and don’t give up.

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