Why You Should Hire an Editor

You can mix up genres a bit, quoting poems at the beginning of each chapter, you can organize the book into themes, you can do whatever you want. Among the best-selling genres, self-help still makes its presence felt, but with less impact than before (9 of the 15 best-selling books in 2020 were in the genre, while in 2019 there were 13). There are also books on politics, racism and economics, as well as four female authors leaving their mark. When thinking about publishing a book, it is important to think not only from the perspective of an author or publisher, but also to take into account the preferences of the reader, who consume the “book” product. For example, it can point out which terms are offensive, explain which practices do not reflect the reality of the group, which paths would be more credible and even suggest sources of research on subjects that the author clearly does not master. He finds tips, both from our blog, and from other independent authors who have followed their own paths.


If the subject can be considered as the “subject” of a book, pure and simple, then the thesis would be the message that this book conveys. Knowing what your book’s thesis is, what your opinion is, will allow you to move away from impartial and identityless language. That is, an opinion you defend throughout the text. You can take a more subjective approach, sharing your personal opinion or beliefs, or more objectively, teaching something or talking about events that have occurred. Once you find the purpose of your book, you will have much more clarity when writing because you will know which direction to go. It works. The rule is simple: this model needs to match the genre of your book, which by definition should be quite contemplative, probably with other moments of the narrator’s rambling; and the choice of words must be impactful. Are they small moments or big achievements? Allow yourself to feel that happiness, invite your motivation. Allow yourself to be billed! Preferably by other authors.


In the article Books in series: How not to sin in continuity, we cover continuity techniques thinking of authors who have planned to write a series of books. However, they can still be used as ornaments. They are one of the main forms of expression for the characters, and it is through the dialogues that you convey to the reader the unique identity and voice of each character. It’s your voice that will make your nonfiction book impactful. Let’s give you the tips you need to write an impactful nonfiction book. There are a multitude of subjects you can write about, as we’ve covered in the article How to Write Nonfiction. Find out what are the different ways in which a person can lose their memory, how exactly it happens, how long the memory loss can last, how recovery occurs, how patients usually deal with it… In what situations is he/she willing to break your principles? What if you give a chance for a friendship between your protagonist and someone who has nothing to do with him? If you are telling a real story, nothing requires that the story be told in chronological or even linear order.


By now you should have understood that you can and maybe even use your own voice when writing your nonfiction book. Remember you are communicating your voice. However, one must be careful: your voice must speak the same language as the reader. Today we want to talk about style. All that defines nonfiction as nonfiction is that you are talking about a subject of the world we inhabit, not an imagined story. Just the naked fact, life lasts. You are an independent author and have the creative freedom to publish ebook in any style you want! premade book cover what topic you write about, what differentiates your text from any Wikipedia article is your personality, your writing style, your opinions. Personality traits, favorite colors and foods, what annoys them and what makes them happy. What can make a nonfiction book interesting is precisely the author’s personal touch. If you dream of becoming a full-time author, why not work to make it a reality? Those who have been here longer may have also read the article How to write nonfiction.