Review of Best Book Cover Providers

Have you ever heard of the saying “never judge a book by the cover”? Well, this is definitely not true when it comes to selling your books in store or online, a great book cover will increase your clicks for sure, as an author myself I’ve seen clicks increase by 70% just by uploading a professional book cover design. In the beginning I was trying to design my own covers on Photoshop, well…It didn’t work well, I’ve tested many providers and freelancers on the web, maybe more than 100 different providers, and I’ve come up with 2 providers for both low budget and high budget that I would love to share.

I thought really hard on sharing these 2 providers because they are already super busy, but doing so will help other authors achieve the same success that I’ve achieved, so why not?

First, we need to set realistic expectations, the difference of design quality from the low budget and high budget providers is not big at all, the biggest difference is what you want to get and what you expect to pay, one of the providers offers premade eBook covers and also custom design, below I will share my two providers.

Low Budget Option

Alerrandre from Fiverr

Yes, you got that right! Fiverr! Fiverr is flooded with book designers, I’ve hired more than 60 different sellers and let me tell you, no one is better than Alerrandre, not only he is a great designer but he is also experienced with print files and requirements, before finding him I had a lot of problems with other Fiverr sellers, their files never got accepted by CreateSpace or Ingram and would take me days to find out why.

Now with this seller I have more than 70 orders and I’ve never had a single problem, he is super cool I don’t have enough words to describe how thankful I’m for this seller, as an author I’ve recommended a couple of author friends and everyone loves him, his real name is Alex, so you might want to contact him saying “Hey Alex how are you? Wholly recommended you to me, can you help?”

Remember, he is under “low budget” not because of the quality of work, it is because he can create quality covers with an affordable price, if you want something more complex with a lot of stock images and edits it will cost more, he is more than capable of doing complex designs but he will charge as much as the high budget option in case you want something complex, please keep that in mind, contacting him expecting the world for a few bucks is not what I mean by “low budget”.

You can click in the button below if you want to contact him for a free quote, make sure to mention that wholly from wholly-books recommended you, he might be able to give you a better price if you say that.

Below I’m going to share the higher budget option for premade eBook covers or custom design.

Higher Budget Option

Digiart Book Cover

Without a shadow of a doubt Digiart is by far the best provider for high quality designs if you are looking for custom design, they offer 2 options, the custom design and premade book cover design, I will explain their premade book cover option below.

This is how their custom option works, you are going to contact them with what you have in mind for the cover and what you want to see, they will reply to your email explaining what they need from you and in order to get started, it costs more because it is made to fit what you need, the price will vary based on how many stock images it will require to design your project and what type of edits they will need to make on the stock images in order to match what you need, I will explain their premade book cover option below.

What is Premade Book Covers for Sale?

Digiart offers an option of premade book covers for sale, it is basically a store with premade eBook cover designs that you can buy your cover from, find what you like, send them the title, subtitle and author name and they will make sure to add your information on the cover, this option is fast and affordable, but you might not be able to find what you want since it is premade. The design won’t be changed in this option, just the text, if you find something that you like in the store but needs a couple of edits, make sure to contact them beforehand explaining your situation.


Both options will give you a free quote, doesn’t hurt to ask and explain them what you have in mind and if they can help you, the market is flooded with writers and designers believe me it took a long time and money to find these 2 providers, I hope they will change your business as much as they have changed mine, talk to you guys soon have a great day!