Inspiration: Plot Structure Models

With goals, you will see these results as part of the journey towards an ultimate goal, which is the conclusion of the book. Knowing how to listen to others, accepting criticism in a positive way and working on it is part of the path of a successful author. book cover , which often leads him to publish an unconventional book, also acts as a marketing advantage. What makes an author choose to protect themselves behind a pseudonym? It turns out that the life you lead is not the same as everyone else’s life in the world. It’s a good idea to consult with others, preferably writers, reviewers or avid readers, when editing. Thus, it is possible to talk to readers and use dissemination mechanisms aimed at the public. In our self-publishing tips for today, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to thrill your readers. In today’s self-publishing tips, let’s talk a little bit about the relationship between dialogue and plot development in fiction. So today we are going to talk about women in literature. A unique way of speaking in the most absurd way possible than could be common. Seriously, even the most unruly authors like Hemingway, famous for his drinking, are disciplined writers with a fixed routine like any other worker.


Luckily for you, technology is there to help everyone, and many authors like you also need help with organization. After all, it is a fact that readers are in the habit of buying books from authors they like, sometimes without even checking the synopsis. However, it is sometimes implied which character is currently speaking. To connect with a book and get emotional about it, it is often necessary that, before anything else, the reader creates an emotional bond with a character. What’s more, you can memorize a book forever just because you find it notoriously bad. Your book is unlikely to have the exact amount of words and chapters stipulated. With it, you’ll be able to identify which words appear the most in your text and speed up editing. We can argue that the same barriers to self-publishing books written by women no longer exist and that, at least in Brazil, you can still write about the government without fear of being considered “subversive”.


However, self-publishing itself can be considered a test of the career of an independent author. A good author is not only a good reader, but also a good researcher. Okay, you’ve already plotted the plot, but you need a place to store all the ideas and information in your book other than memory. For example, if a character makes a difficult decision, which is part of her maturation and is related to the plot, however “obvious” and “unnecessary” it may seem to you, cutting this scene from the ebook can deeply disappoint your readers . If you are going to write a 50,000 word book with 10 chapters, each part will be about 5000 words long. Search. Does your character belong to a social group that you are not part of? It’s not inspiration, talent, or any fanciful and delusional concept that will lead you to complete your book.


This sparkly passion is necessary for any reader to be truly interested in your story. They will reduce the quality and fluency of your text and, therefore, the interest of your readers. You can use your plot line to help with this. If you’re not opposed to planning ahead, make a plot. It’s up to you to think carefully whether it’s the case that you use them or not. Maybe it’s a case of changing your book, not your name. We have the case of author JK Rowling, who published the book The Call of the Cuckoo under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, in order to observe the book’s performance without associating it with its fame. Sometimes the reasons for using a pseudonym are simpler. In the digital age, more and more children are using tablets and smartphones. Should I use a different pseudonym for each literary genre? Celebrate each goal achieved and reorganize your goals based on the results you’ve achieved.