Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (124)

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Top Ten Resolutions/Goals I Have For 2016
1. Increase my Goodreads goal! This year I had a goal of 75, which I surpassed by 10 booksI think my goal for 2016 will be 100! 
2. Attend more bookish events. This year was insane to say the least, so I didn't have much spare time between work and school to attend many conferences or signings. 2016 I want to make sure I leave some time to do these things, since they're my favorite and I always have so much fun at them!
3. Write more. And actually FINISH things.  I know that sounds so vague, but I have a million and one writing projects I've started over the past few years and never actually finished.
4. Last year I set a goal of running my first half marathon (which I accomplished, despite a few injuries at the time).  For 2016 I want to do my first triathlon!
5. Drink more tea and water! I am the worst when it comes to staying hydrated!  It also doesn't help that I'm a huge coffee fan which actually dehydrates you (the caffeine content). 
6. Pay more compliments.  This was actually something I had in mind for last year and although I try to give compliments when I can, I didn't make it an actual habit of it last year.  I know how much it can improve my attitude and make me feel better to be on the receiving end of a compliment, and I firmly believe that you can change someone's mood just by being nice to them.  Even if it's just one compliment a day, I want to make a better effort to do this in 2016.
7.  Spend more time with my family.
8. Pray more.  As someone who's extremely religious, I'm embarrassed (and sad) to say that I've fallen off the bandwagon a bit with my nightly prayers this year.
9. Worry less.  Yes I know there is no good way to go about this, but I'm one of those people who worries about every little aspect of my life, from what I'm going to eat for breakfast down to the last piece of jewelry I choose to accessorize with each day.  Worrying literally made me sick this year and the stress I was accumulating made me a miserable person.  In 2016 one of the ways I hope to fix this and decrease some of my worrying is by focusing on the task at hand.  If I tune in to each moment instead of worrying about things that won't happen until later that day or even later in the week, I tend to find myself worrying less and enjoying each moment more. 
10. Spend less time on my phone.  I'm a social media addict, as well as a picture-taking junky.  Although I'm not opposed to being on the internet, I do think the time I spend on my phone each day is a bit much, and I'd rather use that time on other things, such as reading, spending time with my family and friends, and being in the moment.  The internet is cool, I love blogging, and I love all my bookish friends, but there's a time and a place and sometimes I just need to step back and enjoy what's in front of me.


  1. Great goals, Emily! Looks like we flip-flopped on the GoodReads goals. :) Your goal was 75 and you read 85. My goal was 85 and I read 75. LOL I love your more personal goals - pay more compliments, spend more time with family. Both wonderful goals to have. Best of luck on your goals this year!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    1. HAHA that's too funny! i went above and beyond my goal for this year so I figured i'd better raise it a bit for next year! and thank you Tanya! happy new year to you!

    2. Hey Emily - I was just looking at your About Me page and it's the bio for an Ashley? Is that also you, or do you have a co-blogger? Just curious... :)

    3. Hi Tanya! I used to co-blog with Ashley, the original creator of this blog. She is taking some time off from blogging for now, so it is just me maintaining the site with a few other helpers! I am in the process of updating things and getting everything fixed up in the new year!

    4. do you use twitter or instagram Tanya? I am pretty active on social media as well and was going to try to find you!

    5. Ah, makes sense now. :) I'm so happy I came across your blog... I really enjoy your posts!
      I am on Twitter and Instagram (but have been seriously slacking on IG lately). Twitter is @BookwormTanya and IG is: tanyaatkinson Thanks!

  2. Great goals! I love that you want to write more and attend more bookish events. I would love to go to more author talks and similar things. I'm not too far from Anderson's near Chicago (less than 2 hours). I need to get on their mailing list, so I can go see my favorites when they're so close! Good luck.

    1. Hi Kate! thank you! and that is AWESOME to hear you live near Anderson's because that's where I always go to author events! I'm from Wi and it's about a 2 hour drive for me as well! are you going to the event next week on Tuesday for Alexandra Bracken and Susan Dennard?

  3. Reading 100 books! Wow! I wish I can set higher a higher Goodreads goal for myself but I need to balance my bookish hobbies with my work and personal life better. Hydration is super important and that is one thing I want to work on as well. Writing is very good too. I am horrible at writing stories but I love journal writing. Worrying less and spending more time with the family and friends are excellent resolutions. Many of the resolutions are very doable. I love your list!

    1. Thanks Nicole! and I know how you feel! I'm in school year round (senior in college) and i work part time as well tutoring and doing marketing work so sometimes reading gets pushed to the back burner but I want to be better about it this year! thanks for checking out my TTT post!

  4. Oh number ten is a big one for me. I am always on my phone. I love that you are going to do a triathlon. I am so not good with that stuff but admire those who are. Drink more water is one of my steps in getting healthier this year. Great list and good luck!!

    1. Thank you Grace! best of luck to you in your 2016 endeavors as well! and thanks for checking out my post!

  5. Love your goals for this year!! Good luck with your running goals and completing your 1st triathlon.

    Here's a link to my Top Ten Tuesday post for this week: http://captivatedreader.blogspot.com/2016/01/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-resolutions-i.html

  6. thank you! and goodluck to you in 2016 as well!

  7. Good luck with all of your 2016 resolutions!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/top-ten-tuesday-38/


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