Monday, November 2, 2015

Review: The Dark Side of the Moon

Title: The Dark Side of the Moon
Author: Kristy Centeno
Release Date: September 1st, 2015
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
Rating: 4 Cows

Goodreads Description:
During her darkest hour, will she find the courage to seek the light?

Marjorie has eluded both capture and death yet again, but her days are numbered. The old threat has resurfaced to endanger everyone she cares for and only a forged alliance with a member of royal blood will guarantee their safety and hers.

However, in the midst of accepting who she is, Marjorie has to come to terms with the fact that those she considered friends may be anything but, and the mother she thought dead may have been missing against her will.

A relationship in turmoil, a storm brewing in the distance, a shattered tranquility...will she find the courage to save her loved ones even if that means losing her humanity?

            It’s no secret here at Wholly-Books that Kristy Centeno is one of my favorite authors.  Every time a new book of hers gets released, I always scramble to try to get my hands on it.  That being said, the release of the 4th book in her Secrets of the Moon Saga, The Dark Side of the Moon, was high on my most anticipated 2015 fall releases list!
            We left off in the series with Marjorie’s capture by Santos, which ended with her in the hospital after Kyran and his family rescue her from Santos’s gang.  Still recovering in the hospital from this incident, Marjorie’s doctors can’t believe how fast she is healing.  For someone who nearly died just a few days ago, her injuries are almost gone, with the exception of her knee, which will take a little bit longer.  After she is released from the hospital, the Rousseaus bring her back to their house to protect her and finally fill her in on everything they’ve been hiding from her.
            One reason I found myself liking the 4th book in this series so much in comparison to the others, is that I found myself less confused.  There were a lot of secrets in the 2nd and 3rd book that remained a part of Marjorie’s past that she was still trying to figure out and it got a bit confusing at times.  The Dark Side of the Moon was like the wolf version of the women tell all on the bachelor TV show (can you picture the Rousseau version of this show; it would be HILARIOUS)! Not only did we get to find out more about Marjorie’s past as well as Kyran’s, but in The Dark Side of the Moon we find out the real reason the Rousseau’s came to town. 
            Speaking of the Rousseaus, lets talk about the twins because you know I have a special place in my heart for Kyran and Alexis.  The whole thing between them and Marjorie made for some serious drama in books past, but when Margie finds out just how serious the bond is between them all, she starts to question the extent of her feelings for Kyran.  Initially I was irritated that she doubted Kyran’s love for her, but the more I read of The Dark Side of the Moon the more I was able to appreciate where she was coming from.  Essentially, she is worried that the bond she has with Kyran isn’t real love.  If their bond was based on whichever twin saw her first, which they claim it was since Alexis and Kyran were both destined to be with her, then how can it be real love?  Marjorie could just as easily have met Alexis first and then bonded with him instead of his brother.  I really respected Margie’s decision to spend some time getting her thoughts in order and I was actually impressed that Kyran was willing to give her the space she needed! As much as I love Kyran for his protectiveness over Margie and his family, sometimes he can be a bit much, but it seems he’s been growing up a bit since we last saw him in this series!
            I really enjoyed this book and getting to read more about Margie’s life and the Rousseau’s. I will warn you though, you will not be able to read this book and walk away unscathed. The ending broke my heart! I was actually sitting at school finishing the last few chapters of this book and when I got to the end I got so choked up I was afraid people were going to notice! Me and my bleeding heart for fictitious characters, I tell you!   After an ending like that though, I need the next book in the series like yesterday! For those of you who love this series already, you won’t believe how much is revealed in the fourth book, The Dark Side of the Moon and how hard it is to put it down! And for those of you who haven’t started the series yet, what are you waiting for? Add it to your TBRs ASAP!


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