Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (112)

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Top Ten Bookish Bad Habits I Want To Quit
This week's topic was a good way for me to evaluate bad habits I find myself getting into when it comes to books and blogging! I want to stress that these are just things I consider bad habits for me, but might not be bad for everyone! I'm trying to make sure blogging and reading remains something I enjoy and a hobby for me, so I try not to get stressed out over schedules and how much I read/how often.  Thoughts are welcome! 

1. Rushing to finish a book.
-Many times I'll find myself rushing through a book because I'm trying to read and review an ARC before it comes out, or just because I'm behind on my TBR.  This is one of my worst habits that I want to break when it comes to books/blogging.  Reading and blogging is a hobby for me and one of my favorite ones at that.  When I start rushing through books I end up not liking or enjoying the book as much and it completely defeats the purpose of why I blog in the first place. I am trying to get better at this! 
2. Staying in bed all morning
-This one probably sounds crazy, because I know most people would kill to have a morning off to stay in bed and read or watch TV.  For me though, if I don't get up and eat breakfast and get ready first before I start reading for a bit, I find it harder for me to start my day and find energy.  Lately if I have free time in the morning before class or work and I want to spend some down time reading or catch up on blog work, I'll make myself breakfast first and get ready.  Then I'll sit down for a bit to relax! It just gets my mind in the right mindset for the day! 
3. Forcing myself to finish a book I don't like.
-It's inevitable. You're not going to like everything you read. I try to force myself to finish a book for the sake of reviewing it, but honestly, I'm to the point where my free time is limited and I refuse to be bogged down with things like reading a bad book just because I feel guilty not finishing it.  #sorrynotsorry 
4. Going on social media every 10 minutes when I'm reading.
-Typically I have my phone next to me when I'm reading in case I want to make a Goodreads update.  Unfortunately it becomes all too easy for me to pick it up and go through social media every few minutes to check updates, when I should be reading.  An hour can go by sometimes and I'll realize I spent more time on my phone than reading the book I was working on.
5. Laying books on their spines when I don't have a bookmark.
-I know I know. IT'S SO BAD! Talk about ruining a book!
6. Dropping spoiler alerts to my friends who haven't finished a book/series.
-I don't ever intentionally do this, but it does happen quite frequently! Often times I find myself doing this when a friend of mine is reading a series or book I already finished and when I mention a specific part of the book, I just forgot at what point that moment happened, only to realize my friend hasn't reached that part of the book yet! This week I did that to my friend Alyssa who is currently reading the TOG series! (sorry Alyssa!)
7.  Reading books in the bathtub and getting water on them
-Going forward I plan only to read a kindle book in the bathtub, unless it's a book I'm not concerned about getting wet, because the moisture alone from sitting in a bubble bath has ruined numerous books of mine! 
8. Leaving books on the floor/on my bed/in places other than my room or bookshelf.
-This one might seem odd at first, but let me explain.  I have a feline friend who LOVES chewing on book pages and she's been known to put her teeth through 50 pages of a book before.  I have numerous textbooks and books that she's ruined the covers of and left chew marks all over.  So I have to get out of the habit of leaving my books out in the open and get better about putting them away and in a safe spot. Love my cat, but she is naughty sometimes!
9. Reading a book just because of the hype.
-Twitter is an instigator sometimes, because I see all the hype surrounding certain books from other bloggers posts or tweets, and feel like I am missing something. Yes, I love hearing about great new books but sometimes it gets to the point where I'll pick up a book that doesn't even sound like something I'd like to read, simply because everyone else has been talking about it.  Jumping on the bandwagon is something I need to get better about.
10.Renting more library books than I have time to read before they're due.
-I know most of you have done this before.  You go to the library with the intent of picking up one or two new books and end up walking out with 10+ books.  Did I mention they're due in four weeks? Yeah, I never finish them all in time.  And it's unfair to anyone else who might have wanted to read those books that they're sitting on my desk at home collecting dust because I checked out too many at once! 


  1. In terms of habits I want to quit, Number 3 is mine too. I know life is too short to read books I don't enjoy, but I'm just too obsessive compulsive about my reading. Once I start something I have to finish.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  2. Number 3 is a terrible bad habit of mine!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/top-ten-tuesday-25/


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