Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (106)

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Top Ten Books That Would Be On My Syllabus If I Taught High School English
The funny thing is that I've given this topic a lot of thought prior to reading this week's topic!  Teaching English has always been something I've kept in the back of my mind as a possible job once I graduate one day so this topic was a no-brainer!  I choose high school English because I think it fits perfectly with YA and the books I would love to discuss in class! 
1. Stolen by Lucy Christopher 
-I think the symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome and whether or not the protagonist is experiencing this after her kidnapping would make a great class discussion!
2. The Mazerunner by James Dashner
-Dystopian setting and it would be a more updated high school syllabus requirement in place of Lord of the Flies.
3. The Lost Hero (or any of Riordan's Greek God based books)
-Great way for kids to learn about Greek mythology and actually be interested while doing so!
4. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (any of them)
-These books would make for a GREAT class discussion on world building and religious themes in YA. 
5. Bone Gap by Laura Ruby
-OH MAN. So many wonderful elements of this book that I would love to talk about with teens!
6. Audacious by Gabrielle Prendergast 
-Perfect for high schooler and the topic of fitting in/not fitting in/cliques in high school/pressures of high schoolers.
7. Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver
-I can't say much on this without spoiling the entire book, but for those of you who've read this, the big reveal would be what I would love to discuss in a class setting.
8. Anatomy of A Misfit by Andrea Portes
-High school cliques and the topic of fitting in.
9. Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid
-I firmly believe every teenagers should read a good road trip book when they're still in high school and this is one of my favorites in YA.
10. Kiss of Broken Glass by Madeleine Kuderick
-A sensitive topic, but one that many high schoolers are going through today and I think discussing the topic of cutting and depression would make for a great class discussion in high school.


  1. Ohh a lot of YA! I didn't think much about it to be honest, cause i felt like high schoolers would read YA anyway ^^'

    My top ten tuesday

    1. I firmly believe that if high schoolers were required to read more YA for class, that more teenagers would enjoy reading. I have always loved reading, but for a high schooler that doesn't read, making them read adult books or older classics is not interesting to them. if they read something they could relate to, they might realize there are more books out there that can actually be fun! but hey, that's just an opinion of a huge YA nerd so i could just be ranting here;)
      thanks for checking out my post this week Ella!


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