Monday, April 27, 2015

Review: Full Moon

Title: Full Moon
Author: Kristy Centeno
Release Date:  April 1, 2015
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
Rating: 4 Cows

Goodreads Description: Hidden lies...hidden demons…hidden battles…All leading to the ultimate sacrifice….

She knows what really brought me here.
She knows the ulterior motives that lead to our friendship.
She doubts what’s in my heart.
What she doesn’t know…all I’m willing to sacrifice in order to ensure eternity for her.

On the brink of putting a face to our enemy, I may have screwed up myself even more. As it turns out, now I’m battling not only an alpha with an uncanny ability to hide where no one can find him, but my own inner demons as well. Physically challenged, my only chance is to rely on two things: my brother and my love for her.

In the end, will Marjorie comprehend the depth of my sacrifice? Or will her pride get in the way of understanding…and her life?

            Full Moon is the third book in the Secrets of The Moon Saga by Kristy Centeno. If you read my reviews on the first two books in this series, you’ll know I really got on with the first book (Secrets of the Moon) and a little less with the second book (Bound to the Moon).  One of the main factors being that the first book was told from Marjorie’s POV and the second book from Kyran’s POV. So when I saw Full Moon was also told from Kyran’s POV, I was a little hesitant to begin.
            I wasn’t disappointed though.  Even though the book is told from Kyran’s perspective, the action picks up immediately. Marjorie is brought home from the hospital, and caught up on everything that has happened while she was there.  Kyran’s family finally tells her the truth about their real motives for moving to town, and Marjorie’s reaction is not what you’d expect.  Now she has to decide, does she trust their family still, or is she better off without them?
            That was one of my favorite aspects of this book (that she was finally given all the truth) because I felt it was unfair that they were withholding so much information from her, especially given the fact that she has suffered so much and put her life at risk in order to be with Kyran (and essentially be an intricate part of their family, since she is also friends with Alexis).
            Speaking of whom, the one thing I DIDN’T care for was Marjorie’s pity she is consistently throwing Alexis’s way.  I get it, she feels bad for him, and what girl wouldn’t, given the situation.  But honestly, I feel like if I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t want her pity, especially considering she’s chosen his brother over him.  They both bonded with her, and even though Alexis can’t actually force himself to break this bond with her, I don’t think her pity will help him get over her/move on. 
            All the tension between the twins finally builds up, and the fighting is worse than ever.  It actually gets to the point where Marjorie tells them to knock it off because she can’t keep worrying about the two of them not getting along, when so much else is happening.  I was totally with Marjorie on this one.  I thought the brothers were extremely immature throughout this book, and insensitive to the fact that she just got home from the hospital and is still trying to wrap her head around everything that Kyran’s family has told her.  I actually wanted to knock some sense myself into both Kyran and Alexis as I was reading this! Mostly I was mad at Kyran, because I felt like he isn’t being fair with Alexis, who is nursing a broken heart and just wants to help Marjorie.  Honestly, Alexis reminds me of Elijah from the CW shows the Vampire Diaries and The Originals, and for any of you who watch those shows, you’ll know how honorable and respectful Elijah is.  Like Alexis, at one point he has fallen in love with someone his brother loves as well, and he is such a gentleman that he tries to stay away and do the honorable thing.  That’s why I can’t see Alexis being a real threat to Kyran.
            It was a really interesting scenario for this book though.  I think part of the issue Kyran has with Alexis is that he knows if his maneater side wins out, that Alexis will get to be with Marjorie (if she so choses) and at that point there will be nothing Kyran can do to stop them.  Although I’m not really one for jealous boyfriends, I can understand where Kyran is coming from in Full Moon.  Also, I felt bad for the poor guy who can’t be around Marjorie for more than a little bit at a time without his epiosdes acting up, and he has to give himself some space.  I give him credit for trying!
            Overall, I really enjoyed this third book in the saga, which is why I will continue to keep reading this series!  Although book 2 wasn’t my favorite, this book came back and improved my opinions on the sage and I am looking forward to the next one coming out!  



  1. Great Review!!!!! I've not heard of this book before. However it sounds interesting!!! I will be adding it to my ever growing TBR.
    I love that you use Cows super cute! Happy Reading

  2. thanks Mandy!! you should definitely check out this series, or any of Kristy Centeno's books! she's incredible! thanks for reading my review!


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