Thursday, March 26, 2015

That Awkward Thursday (29) Book Recs

That Awkward Thursday is a feature hosted by Wholly Books where it's not only okay but encouraged to share your awkward moments! 

That awkward moment you recommend a book that you love to someone and then worry that they won't love it....

A couple of nights ago me and my co-blogger, Emily (who is awesome, by the way) were talking via twitter direct messages and I recommended that she read The Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole. I had recently finished the third book in the series, Dead of Winter, and was dying to have someone to discuss it with. She was actually the fourth person I  pleaded to buy the books and she did! (Again, she's totally awesome like that!)  A few minutes after recommending it I started to panic. What if she didn't like it? What if she did like it but didn't love it like I did? Or what if she was on the other side of the love triangle? All of these what ifs started running through my mind!

I mentioned this to her and she was all like...

Okay, so she didn't really look like that when she was saying it because we were talking through twitter but I never miss an opportunity to have Ian Somerhalder on the blog! :) You get what I mean. Basically, she's telling me that she's sure she will like it and it sounds good, ect.

Still, I'm thinking if she doesn't love it...

So, Emily, I am really hoping that you love the Arcana Chronicles so I don't have to go all Jacob Black on you!  (I'm kidding!) ((Mostly!))

Does anyone else have these kind of fears or am insane??


  1. HAHAH Ashley this just made my day! i am laughing so hard right now!! and the fact that you used damon to describe my reaction has me in stitches. damon is my favorite (i have a life sized cut out of him at home LOL) this post is so funny! love it!

  2. HaHaHAHA This is awesome. I definitely get a little nervous when I recommend books or give books as gifts.


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