Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Movie Review: Insurgent

I believe that I should preface this review with the fact that Divergent isn't my favorite book series. It's not my least favorite, but again, not my favorite. I particularly didn't like Four or Tris's characters in the final book. I say all that because that does somewhat influence my reivew.

I really enjoyed the movie, Insurgent. There were a lot of action scenes and felt that the cast did a great job. Four was definitely hot. For whatever reason when they first cast him I didn't think he was. Obviously, there was something wrong with me that day! (Ya know, they need to make it so I can use emjois in blog spots! Is there a way to do that and I just don't know? Just know that I would so be using emjois right now if I could!)

Back to the movie, there were some things that were changed in the movie. I didn't mind the changes because I think a lot of the things that were left out were causes for why Tris and Four acted the way that they did in Alliegant. I am hoping since they were left out of the movie that in the next movie Tris and Four won't be so unlikeable.

I do wish that there would have been more of Christina, Uriah, and Tori. They do get a little screen time but not a whole lot. I think that decision was mainly based on time constraints. Obviously, with a book that long you can't include everything so they had to cut out some of those storylines.

I am curious how the final two movies are going to be. The last book is where things really went south for me and it wasn't even because of the big thing that happened. I am hopeful that I will like the final two movies more than I liked the book.

Overall, Insurgent was a very good movie. There is tons of action and some great scenes with Tris and Four!


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