Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (78)


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I’m going to split this post up and do a few things I like about romances and a few I don’t care for!  Let me know what you don’t and do like about romances in books that you read!

Top 10 Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances in Books

·      Dislikes
1.     Clichés
-I am SO incredibly sick of clichés in romance books.  They’re boring and overused, and when there gets to be too many of them, I just end up getting irritated with the book.
2.     Love Triangles
-Who ISN’T way over seeing love triangles in books? Yes, they can be done well sometimes.  And yes, maybe I am referring to Twilight (don’t hate me!).  But I could use a break from reading about them.  Give me a romance book; just don’t feel like there has to be a love triangle in order for it to be a good book!
3.     Women Crying
-Maybe I’m the only one having this issue lately, but every romance book I read, the women are always the ones crying during relationship problems!  While I do think females get upset easier sometimes, I also don’t think it’s realistic to portray the woman as the only one who ever cries!  What is that all about?! Men cry too!
4.     Patronizing Men
-I’m a feminist (there, I said it) and I don’t appreciate the men patronizing the women in many romance books.  Relationships should be based on a level of respect, and whether some authors even realize they’re doing it or not in their books, it’s sickening to read.   
5.     Unrealistic Expectations
-There are a lot of things I could mention for this, but one of my least favorite aspects of romances in books, is when they are written with unrealistic expectations.  Whether it’s fancy dates all the time, or drama constantly (think makeup and breakup every other week) not all relationships are like that.  Especially when it’s in YA, I find this type of relationship portrayal extremely disheartening to read, because young teenagers need to realize not all relationships have to be dramatic and extravagant.  Sometimes it’s as simple as finding someone you care about, and just spending time with them.

·      Likes
1.     Meeting the Family!
-One of my favorite parts of romances in books, is when the boyfriend/girlfriend meets their partner’s family for the first time!  I love finding out whether the family is going to like them or hate them, and see what happens from there!
2.     Sappy Love Scenes
-I’m the biggest sucker when it comes to a good love story.  Sometimes it’s nice to just read a really sappy story that reminds you that love isn’t dead! 
3.     The Holidays
-I love romances in books that occur around the holidays (especially when it’s Christmas).  There’s just something about the holidays and falling in love that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling!:)
4.     The Proposal
-Reading a story with a proposal done right is always exciting!
5.     Men Who Aren’t Afraid To Stick Up for Their Girlfriends
-Need I say more? There’s nothing I hate more than seeing a guy cut down on his girlfriend in front of his guys friends, just because he’s trying to show off.  



  1. I'm so tired of love triangles that I put it on my list twice, haha. My favorite one was in The Mortal Instruments series. Simply because I felt like the author took up the fight with love triangles.
    I should have thought of proposals for my list! it's good to see relationships when they are a little bit more evolved :)

    Great list!

    Cucie @ Cucie reads

  2. see, that is the one series I actually didn't mind the love triangle BUT i am COMPLETELY biased when it comes to the mortal instruments series or anything cassandra clare. she could write a restaurant menu and i'd still be enthralled. thanks for checking out my post cecilie!


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