Thursday, October 23, 2014

That Awkward Thursday (26) Ignore the Negative and Focus on the Positive

That Awkward Thursday is a feature hosted by Wholly Books where it's not only okay but encouraged to share your awkward moments!

That Awkward Moment I decide to ignore all of the negativity and talk about some positive things that happened this week...

Disclaimer: This post is going to be all over the place. I apologize in advance.

As I was thinking this week on a topic for my That Awkward Thursday post, my first thought was of course to comment on "the incident". I'm sure you all know the incident I am referring to (this article). But I thought about it some more and realized what's the point of commenting? I have absolutely nothing to add to the conversation that someone else hasn't already stated. So I'm not going to talk about that.

The next topic idea I came up with was one in reference to this article. Yet another example of someone trying to make me feel bad for my reading choices. FYI: I'm currently reading Blood of Olympus and it's fabulous! :) I've commented on this before so I don't feel there's any reason for me to rehash it now. Obviously, I think I should be able to read whatever I like without someone judging me for it.

Well, Ashley, are you going to talk about anything in this post or are you going to simply continue to talk about what you are not going to talk about? Ya know, I'm glad you asked. As a matter of fact, I am going to talk about something in this post. 

There has been a lot of negative things going on in the blogging world so I would like to take a minute to mention some of the good things that are going on. 

First, it is less than one month until the release of Mockingjay: Part One and there's a new teaser trailer! The trailer makes me even more excited for the movie!

Second, the cover for Kasie West's next book was revealed and it's adorable! I love, love, love Kasie West!

Third, the Morganville Vampires web series released a trailer. I can't wait to watch this web series!! The Morganville Vampires is one of my favorite vampire series so I am super excited!

UPDATE: I found this gem a little bit ago and just had to add it to this post! The cover for The Heir is beautiful! I am dying for this one!!

Here's the cover and you can read the description and watch the trailer here.


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