Friday, September 12, 2014

Movie Review: If I Stay


The weekend If I Stay released I headed out to my local theater to see it with my sister, and three of my cousins. I convinced them to come and we were having a girls night out. I had checked the website the night before for times but when I looked the next night the times were gone. I called the theater and got their recording of the movies times and got the times from there. I figured that it must have been some glitch on their website. When we got there though we were informed that it wasn't playing there and that they had some problems at the last minute. They said that the website was changed but that they must have forgotten about the recording. They said that they would get it, just not this weekend. I was totally bummed as was the rest of my crew. We managed to savage the night with a trip to Taco Bell because of course Taco Bell solves all problems.

The theater finally gets If I Stay in and take my mom. Unfortunately, we were about 15 minutes late so I have no idea how the movie starts. Still, I saw enough of the movie to give an accurate opinion of it.

As a whole, I really liked it. I thought that all of the actors/actresses did a great job. I really enjoyed the music and being able to see Adam's band play. Also, watching the way Mia played the cello was beautiful. It seems like it would be a very difficult instrument to play.

I think the dynamic between Adam and Mia was spot on. It was amazing seeing their relationship develop on screen. I also loved seeing Mia's family. Mia's parents were so different than most parents and I think they did an excellent job portraying her family.

As expected, the movie was heartbreaking. I somehow managed not to cry but came very, very close to it at one part. I think knowing how everything worked out helped me a lot.

If I Stay was very well done and I hope that they make Where She Went into a movie as well. Of course, my real hope is that they will make Just One Day into a movie. It's my favorite Gayle Forman book.

Any one else see the movie? Thoughts?


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