Monday, July 21, 2014

Review: The Half Life of Molly Pierce

Title: The Half Life of Molly Pierce
Author: Katrina Leno
Release Date: July 8, 204
Pages: 256
Publisher: Harper Teen
Rating: 5 Cows

Goodreads Description:

You take it for granted. Waking up. Going to school, talking to your friends. Watching a show on television or reading a book or going out to lunch.

You take for granted going to sleep at night, getting up the next day, and remembering everything that happened to you before you closed your eyes.

You live and you remember.

Me, I live and I forget.

But now—now I am remembering. 

For all of her seventeen years, Molly feels like she’s missed bits and pieces of her life. Now, she’s figuring out why. Now, she’s remembering her own secrets. And in doing so, Molly uncovers the separate life she seems to have led…and the love that she can’t let go.

The Half Life of Molly Pierce is a suspenseful, evocative psychological mystery about uncovering the secrets of our pasts, facing the unknowns of our futures, and accepting our whole selves.

The Half Life of Molly Pierce is an interesting read. I loved the concept. It was something different and I liked the way the author told the story.

The description on the back of the ARC gives aways some of the plot. I was happy to find that the description on Goodreads is different and doesn't give away as much. Despite this fact, I still felt there was a bit of mystery in the story. I had an idea of how the story was going to go but I still wasn't able to figure out exactly how everything was going to come together. I kept finding myself coming up with different theories on what was going to happen but still found myself surprised at how things ended up.

Molly was an extremely complex character. She had a lot going on. It was almost like a mystery or  paranormal novel except it ends up being something else entirely. Why can't Molly remember parts of her life? Why does this strange guy know her name but she doesn't know his? Slowly, the missing pieces start showing up one by one. Molly has to solve the puzzle and put all the pieces together. She doesn't know who to trust and if she can even trust herself.

I loved Leno's writing style. The Half Life of Molly Pierce is a very easy to read book. It pulls you in from the start and the way that the book is written keeps you hooked. It's one of those books that feel as if you just picked it up but look down and you're already 100 pages in. It's a short book and it's completely feasible to read it in one sitting. I pretty much did.

The Half Life of Molly Pierce is an excellent book. I loved the mystery, intrigue, concept and writing style. There really wasn't anything I didn't love. I highly reccommend this book to pretty much anyone!


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