Thursday, April 24, 2014

That Awkward Thursday (21) Posting the Same Thing Twice

That Awkward Thursday is a feature hosted by Wholly Books where it's not only okay but encouraged to share your awkward moments! 

Posting the Same Thing Twice

So the other day I was trying to decide what book to use for a Waiting on Wednesday post. I mentally went through books that I really, really, really wanted to read. Then I mentally scratched through books that I had already used. A couple of them I couldn't remember so I went back through old Waiting on Wednesday posts to see what books I had posted recently. I selected a book I wanted to read that I didn't see in my old posts and created my post. 

Fast forward to the next day. I go through old posts and stumble upon a Waiting on Wednesday post with the same book I had just posted that day! I couldn't believe it. Okay, actually, I could because that is something I would do. 

The whole thing was a little embarrassing to me. I kept wondering if anyone noticed. No one said anything (thankfully) but I can't help but think that someone did notice and just didn't say anything. I went back through to see if the same person commented on both week's post and couldn't find anyone that had. 

Has this ever happened to you or is this just something I do? 

Also, if you are wondering which book it was, it was Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo. I am super excited about this book and can understand why I would be so anxious to write two posts about it! It may very well be my most anticipated book of 2014. Wow, did I basically just do another Waiting on Wednesday post but just on Thursday? Okay, I really am losing it.!


  1. Haha my way around that is to just put up the next book in my TBR Goodreads list that is being published. That way I don't post anything twice. I can totally see how it would happen though!

    1. That's a really great idea! I wish I would have thought of that. I am terrible about adding shelves on goodreads. Basically, the only shelves I have are the ones that are automatically there!

  2. Oh this has happened to me for sure! I did a Top Ten Tuesday post one time about all the tools I use to help me blog and then a few months later, I did a post on the same topic. I had a feeling it was familiar but I brushed it off...until I was going through my archives and saw the TTT post. I don't think anyone noticed though so that's okay!

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one this has happened to!


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