Friday, February 28, 2014

Review: Jersey Angel

Jersey Angel
Author: Beth Ann Bauman
Pages: 208
Format: Hardcover
Release Date: May 8,2012
Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books
Rating: 3 Cows

Goodreads Description:

It’s the summer before senior year and the alluring Angel is ready to have fun. She’s not like her best friend, Inggy, who has a steady boyfriend, good grades, and college plans. Angel isn’t sure what she wants to do yet, but she has confidence and experience beyond her years. Still, her summer doesn’t start out as planned. Her good friend Joey doesn’t want to fool around anymore, he wants to be her boyfriend, while Angel doesn’t want to be tied down. As Joey pulls away, and Inggy tours colleges, Angel finds herself spending more time with Inggy’s boyfriend, Cork. With its cast of vivid and memorable characters, this tale from the Jersey shore is sure to make some waves.

I was really excited when I got the opportunity to read and review Jersey Angel. I was in the mood for a contemporary book and Jersey Angel sounded like the perfect match for my reading desires. While I did enjoy Jersey Angel, I didn't like it as much as I had hoped.

I read Jersey Angel during the middle of the winter storm that was plaguing the south. I hoped that a summer romance would heat up the winter chill I was becoming accustomed too. Jersey Angel was entertaining and I felt the Jersey shore backdrop did knock the chill out just a bit. Still, I felt there was something missing from this book. 

I really wanted to love Angel. I hate the double standard when it comes to men and women and sex. I thought Angel would be a strong girl that I could connect with. I hoped that the uniqueness of her character would make an interesting story. However, I found it hard to like Angel and it didn't have as much to do with the fact of her sleeping around as much as it did who she was sleeping around with. As I said before, I hate the double standard but what I also hate is girls that screw over their best friend. I really didn't understand why Angel would do that to her best friend. If she wanted to sleep around, fine, but couldn't she have at least found someone else to sleep around with? Surely there are other willing guys in town. 

The other problem I had with the book was that there wasn't much of a plot. I thought there would be. I thought I knew where the story was headed but I was shocked by how things turned out. Not because there is this killer plot twist but because of the lack of one. Nothing really happens. Well, I guess something happens but not enough happens. There are no consequences. There are no real regrets. And honestly, I wonder if Angel grew any as a character. 

Jersey Angel is a short, quick read. I do think that some readers would really enjoy this book but it just wasn't for me. If you are looking for a light read to take to the beach this book may be for you.


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