Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Movie Review: Vampire Academy

 Why I Didn't Love it but You Should See it Anyway


The Vampire Academy series is one of my all time favorites so I was thrilled when I found out they were making a movie! However, when I saw the previews my heart sank. Had the producers even read the book? I honestly didn't see how the books I had loved equaled the train wreck I witnessed during the trailer. Of course, I couldn't not see it so opening weekend I dragged my mom with me. While I didn't love it, I did like it much more than I thought I would based on the previews and I think my mom enjoyed it way more than she thought she would. 

The movie wasn't bad by any means but there were a few things that I thought could have been done better. The first being the casting of Dimitri. I'm sorry but I did not find Danila Kozlovsky attractive in the least. And those baggy sweatpants would be hard for anyone to look good in. I don't like men in sweatpants period.

The second I felt that the fangs looked too much like a bad horror movie. I realize that's it's hard to make fangs look realistic because they aren't real but it just seemed weird.

The thing I think the casting team did nail was the casting of Zoey Deutch as Rose. She was excellent. She just looked like she could kick some butt and she was funny with her wit and sarcasm.

I really liked the action and the movie as a whole. I felt the plot of the movie was very similar to the books but I felt that someone that hadn't read the books might feel a little overwhelmed with everything. There was a lot going on.

So there's my thoughts about the movie. Now, why should you see it even though I didn't love it? Well, that's easy. There are two very good reasons for that.

1. If you are reading this then you are obviously a fan of YA books in some way, shape, or form.  And if you are a fan of YA books you need to support YA movies! I try to see all of the YA movie adaptations even if I didn't love the book or haven't read the book because I love YA books and want more of my favorite books turned into movies. Every time a book is adapted into a movie and it doesn't do well, my heart breaks a little. I want all of them to succeed. I want everyone to know that there is value in YA books and value in making them into movies.

2. This reason is more superficial but in my opinion it may even be more of a reason than the first. That reason is Adrian. If they don't make any more Vampire Academy movies then that means that I don't get to see Adrian on the big screen and that is simply not an option! I need to see Adrian! Even if the guy that cast can't live up to the mental image I have (but really there's no way that they can) I still want, NEED to see him. So please, I beg you...go see Vampire Academy this weekend and if you have already seen it, go see it again!


  1. I wanted to support this movie so much since I really enjoyed the books. It was just so bad. So much added stuff and the acting (besides Zoey) wasn't so great. I had higher hopes and not even that they stuck to the book more, but that the changes they made would have been better. I would love to see the series go forward, but the I don't have high hopes.

  2. I actually loved the movie. There were some things that were different, but in my head I was just like "meh.." it didn't really matter in the end because I was just happy they made a movie at all. I'd been waiting for it since I was a sophomore in high school and now I'm a junior in college. That's kind of a lot of time waiting. And I totally agree with you; people should support movies adapted by YA books and people SHOULD see this movie because I need to see Adrian on the screen. Even if he can't live up to my image of him in my head I still need to see who they pick and how he'll act. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

  3. I think I'll see this eventually, but I agree -- it does look like the movie is much lighter than the books. I totally think Zoey was the perfect casting choice for Rose! Even in the previews I thought she was perfect. I cannot imagine thinking that guy who plays Dimitri is attractive. But sadly, sounds like I'll still be disappointed in the movie :( :(

  4. I didn't read any of the novels - not yet, anyway - but I really liked this movie. I liked Dmitri, and I also thought Christian was yummy. Although, of course, it's totally inappropriate for a teacher and a student to date. If Dmitri and Rose do get together, I would hope it's after she turns 18 and graduates. (Is there such thing as vampire college?) I don't know who Adrian is, but I thought the actresses playing both Lissa and Rose were very good.


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