Monday, January 20, 2014

When things get in the way of blogging...

So you might have noticed that I've been a little absent from the blog lately. I promise it's not intentional or anything. I just haven't felt like blogging or reading. I've still been listening to audiobooks but I haven't been actually reading books. I do have several books I have read and need to review but haven't gotten into it yet. I guess I'm going through a blogging slump or maybe I've just gotten lazy. I promise I will write reviews for the books that I have read. Two are really good! (Split Second and Code Name Verity)

But if I'm honest with myself, I do have an idea as to why I haven't been reading as much. It's these things called DVR and Netflix. Yes, these two things may be the downfall of my blogging and reading adventures. The fact that I have two devices that will allow me to watch a show I want to watch at any time is very detrimental to my reading. It's easier for me to just sit down, turn the tv on, and binge watch some episodes of Robin Hood or Merlin than it is to sit down and read. Plus, it helps that Robin Hood and Merlin are completely addicting!

The point is that I'm sorry for my absence and will try to do better. Now, excuse me while I do write a couple of blog posts!

Happy Reading Everyone!!

1 comment:

  1. I completely understand. I get that way too sometimes. And Netflix and DVR are the absolute worst/best. It's like you don't even realize how much you're watching until you look at the clock. But yeah!

    Happy Reading! (:
    - Tabitha @ Tabitha's Book Blog


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