Friday, January 10, 2014

Big Numbers Blog Tour: Author Interview & Giveaway

Laugh at divorced dad Austin Carr, a funny, oversexed scamp who’ll do anything to get his kids back. Think Bugs Bunny with guns and a penis.
Divorced dad Austin Carr wakes up every day in a beat-up camper, parked on someone else’s private property. Why? Because his alimony and child support payments were established by New Jersey’s family court system when his income was double, and for the last two years he has failed to earn the legally mandated monthly nut. He’s had his savings drained, his Maxima repossessed, his salary attached, and his visiting rights suspended. He bought the twelve-year-old Chevy pick-up with the rusty camper for $800 last month because another landlord tossed his butt in the street. Will stretching the rules, his own morals, and the boundaries of common sense raise the cash needed to get his kids back? Or will his big mouth and bad behavior set him up for a nasty double-cross? See if Austin can redeem himself and win back his children.
You can purchase Big Numbers at the following here:

Praise for Big Numbers:
“Darkly comic, with an engaging protagonist.”
– T.J. MacGregor, Edgar Winner, Author of The Tango Key Mysteries
“Big Numbers is a gritty, sexy, violent, and funny book.”
– Liz Clifford at Reviewed by Liz
“Wonderful characters…well-written, entertaining…a good read.”
Connie Anderson for Armchair Interviews
“Indiana Jones has his whip and Luke Skywalker has his light saber, but for Austin Carr, his full-boat grin is the weapon of choice.”
Melissa for Lou Reads
“Jack Getze started his career as a newspaper reporter. As a result, BIG NUMBERS is lean and mean, with not a word wasted. A truly fun, genuinely funny read.”
Lisa Guidarini for Bluestalking Reader

Former Los Angeles Times reporter Jack Getze is Fiction Editor for Anthony-nominated Spinetingler Magazine, one of the internet’s oldest websites for noir, crime, and horror short stories. His screwball mysteries, BIG NUMBERS and BIG MONEY, are being reissued in 2013 by Down and Out Books, with the new BIG MOJO set for 2014. His short stories have appeared in Passages, A Twist of Noir, and Beat to a Pulp. Getze is an Active Member of Mystery Writers of America’s New York Chapter.
What was the transition between Los Angeles Times reporter to fiction writer like?

Nasty, ugly, brutal and pretty much a decades long war. I did not understand fiction and didn’t take a class or read a book about it for way too long. They told me I was a good writer at the paper, so I figured all I would need is a good story. Wrong! Fiction is much different – the characters tell their story and the author – the writer – must STAY OUT of it. I wrote seven novels before I found an agent and she sold BIG NUMBERS. I could have reduced that time by half if I had studied the craft of fiction earlier and harder.

- Everyone has that one book that changed their life, what book or books would that be for you?  

 Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. I was twenty years old when I read the novel and – like the lead character – was very confused about my life. Then I read about Holden Caulfield –  the way he looked at the world – and I realized I wasn’t alone. A whole bunch of young people had no clue what to do with their lives either. It was okay. I stopped worrying so much about how strange I felt and got on with my life. 

- Tell me a little bit about where the character Austin Carr came from, and where your inspiration for the Austin Carr Series came from.

Oh, you got me with this one. Austin Carr is the devil on my shoulder, that steady voice telling me to take risks, flirt with the stranger, have another cocktail. Not really my BAD side, but the kind of voice you don’t want to listen to regularly. I would get in serious trouble – like Austin does. But truthfully, I had to listen to him when I moved from southern California to New Jersey. For one thing, the east coast public was much tougher than I'd been used to -- confrontational compared to Los Angeles. In addition, people usually had been agreeable to speaking with a reporter, but bond sales was different. Hang-ups were ten times more common than hello. Initially, I had no clue how these hardboiled Jersey guys talked strangers into buying tax-free bonds over the telephone. I grew into the chop-busting personality of Jersey a little bit, and the change inspired my book. Like myself, my character moved west to east and misses California.

- What could we expect to find you doing in your spare time?

Reading, gardening and cooking Mexican food. In the summer I love the beach. I can lie in the sun and go swimming darn near all day long. I’m also a pretty good golfer and still play with my sons.

- The best writing advice you ever received was: 

Learn to take criticism well – it’s the only way to get better beside just writing more. When people are discussing your writing, try to be detached; just listen, writing down key words that will remind you of what the people said. Do not judge if the criticism is good or bad while your manuscripts are being chopped up. (Not easy, but don’t do it). Wait a few days or even a week and then go over those notes and consider what everyone said. Change what makes sense to you. It’s YOUR STORY and no one knows what works best but you. But if three people tell you the point of view changes were confusing, LISTEN to them! All of us beginners want to write for ourselves. Learn to write for the reader. 

-  You're stranded on a deserted island and you can only have one person, and any one item of your choice with you. What and who do you choose and why?

I decided against bringing the wife because our kids still need a little looking after now and then, and I wouldn’t want to deprive them of their mother. So I’m thinking I’d want Shania Twain on that island to sing to me, maybe a nice Martin guitar to accompany her.



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