Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (40)

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the  Broke and the Bookish!


Top Ten Bookish Turn-offs!

1. Whiny Characters- I hate when characters find it necessary to throw themselves a big pity party. Don't complain about everything that's wrong with your life, go out and fix it!

2. Guys that are jerks to "protect" the MC-  You know when the guy treats the girl like complete and total crap then tries to justify it with the whole "I did it to protect you. I'll bring you trouble." yadayadayada! It's so annoying! 

3. A bazillion grammatical errors- I get that no one is perfect and a few mishaps are going to have but it there are so many it takes away from my reading experience then we have a problem.

4. Insta-love- I'm sure this is on a ton of people's list. I can get behind the whole love at first sight if there is a reason for it. If there is some justification but 9 times out of 10 there just isn't.

5. Slow developing plot- I am one of those readers that you have to hook within the first few pages. I like action and adventure. I just can't handle the slow developing plots.

6. Too many weird new "slang" words- An author creates this cool new world then decides that it's necessary to bombard us with weird slang words...case in point: The Maze Runner. 

7. Same story, different title- Ever read a book and felt like you've read that story before (or a hundred times) before? Yeah, hate when that happens.

8. Unrealistic Endings- You read a book and absolutely love it right up until the end when the author decides to give an ending that just isn't realistic.

9. Cheesey Lines- Oh, come on who doesn't hate that?

10. Misleading plot summaries- You read the back of the book and it sounds so interesting. Then you read it and wonder if you misread the back of the book or something. 

1 comment:

  1. My number one would be grammatical errors. I find a book VERY hard to read when it has sooooo many grammatical errors. No matter how great the story line may be, I most probably won't be reading the next book in the series. Complete turn off!


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