Friday, September 27, 2013

Movie Review: City of Bones

I meant to write a review for this movie wayyy back after I first watched it but I never did. Time slipped away and now I am way late posting this review. Sorry about that!

This is the first movie review I've done but I do plan on doing them more, especially with all the YA adaptations being made right now. First, I guess I should start off by saying that I absolutely LOVED this movie. I thought it was well made and it was much better than I expected, especially with all of the negative reviews. 

As with all book to movie adaptations things were changed, but it has been so long since I read City of Bones that I honestly don't remember a whole lot about the book. I remember the major details but not all of the minor ones as some might. Still, I felt the movie was true to the book for the most part. 

I wasn't sure about Jamie Campbell Bowers as Jace but I did feel he did a good job. He still needs to gain some weight and bulk up a little more but I thought his attitude and voice fit Jace well. I also liked Lily Collins as Clary. And no it didn't bother me that her hair was more auburn colored than a bright red. 

The movie was very action packed and there was never a dull moment! I loved the pacing and action! I thought the fight scenes were well done and I could really feel the connection between Jace and Clary. 

The only thing I didn't love were some of the demons. Some of them were a little creepy! I took my aunt and sister with me to see the movie and the dog freaked out my aunt. I just kept telling her, "I don't remember them being that scary in the book!" Neither of them had read the book and both of them really enjoyed the movie. My sister actually went back and saw it again! 

Overall, I was really pleased with the movie. I was really disappointed to hear that it wasn't doing well in the box office and that production for City of Ashes had been delayed. I'm really hoping that they do make more. So why don't we all go see it this weekend and help make this happen?? :)


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