Sunday, September 29, 2013

Classics Retold: Avalon High by Meg Cabot

I haven't done so hot on my Classics Retold but I did manage to make time to watch Avalon High based on the book by Meg Cabot. I actually bought the audio book but haven't had time to listen to it yet. Hopefully, I'll get to start it soon!

I thought Avalon High was a cute movie. I felt it was definitely geared toward a younger audience but still I found myself enjoying it. Cabot adds her own twist to the story with the addition of the Order of the Bear. I did google it to see if it was real or if Cabot made it up. According to google, Cabot made it up for her book. Basically, the Order of the Bear is a group of people that believe King Arthur is going to return again. Obviously, King Arthur is known as the once and future king but few people in today's society actually believe that he is going to return. Cabot simply takes the tidbit and turns them into an order. 

The movie takes place in modern times at a high school (Avalon High). Ellie moves to a new school and suddenly everything is a little weird. Her best friend sees the future. She keeps seeing knights everywhere. And things at Avalon High are beginning to seem like a real like Arthurian legend. 

The characters were okay. I'm not sure if it's the movies portrayal of them or if that actually how they were in the book but they all just seemed fake and/or cheesy. Marco was over the top with being mean and rude. Jen and Lance were too selfish and fake. And even Will and Ellie seemed a little too goody-goody. 

One part that did really bother me is that they make a big deal about King Arthur coming back when he's truly needed but in the book he doesn't come back to save the world or anything. It's simply coming to patch up silly high school drama. Again, I understand I'm not the intended audience but still I was hoping for a little more depth there. 

Overall, it was a cute movie but don't go in looking for a serious King Arthur retelling. If you want something light and fun you'll probably enjoy it. If you want something a little more serious I recommend trying something different.


  1. Thanks for this review, I have been meaning to watch it for ages but wasn't sure what it was about so thank you :)

  2. Um..can I be in the Order of the Bear? LOL! This movie looks adorable, though I can see where it would grate on you a tad if you're older than the intended audience. I think I will skip this one, thanks for the review!


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