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Blog Tour: Summer of No Regrets Review & Spotlight

Welcome to my stop on The Summer of No Regrets Blog Tour! Below you find my review and all of the other usual information about the book plus there's a really awesome giveaway you should enter! 

Title: The Summer of No Regrets
Author: Katherine Grace Bond
Pages: 290
Format: Paperback
Release Date: May 1, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Rating: 4 Cows

Goodreads Descripiton:

This was the summer that would change my life.

No more being what everyone expected. No more doing what everyone else wanted.

So when Luke came into my life, I decided to keep him a secret. Maybe he as a dead-ringer for notorious Hollywood bad boy Trent Yves. And it was possible that everything he told me was a lie. And yes, I was probably asking for trouble. But all I saw was Luke–sweet, funny, caring–someone who would let me be the real me.

But which was the real him?

THE SUMMER OF NO REGRETS wasn't exactly what I was expecting. I thought it would be a fun, beach read but as it turns out there was a more serious side to the story. Sure there was a beach scene and there was a hot guy that might or might not be a celebrity but there were a lot of serious aspects to this story as well.

Honestly, I chose participate in this tour because it's summer time and I have been in the mood for fun summer reads and thought THE SUMMER OF NO REGRETS was perfect for me. However, after the first few chapters I was really doubting whether I was going to enjoy this book because there were several aspects to the book I was not expecting and didn't really care for. Fortunately, for me I stuck with it and ended up really enjoying the book! 

One of the things I didn't enjoy with THE SUMMER OF NO REGRETS was the religious aspect. There was just too many different religious for me to keep up with. Dad is an athiest turned Buddist, sister is still an athiest, grandma and grandpa are Christians, best friend is Jewish, and Brigitta, our female MC is at a complete loss as to what she believes. It was just too many different religions in one place for me to keep up with. 

Brigitta's family is a very odd sort. If I were Luke I'm pretty sure the family would have scared me away. Amazingly though, Luke sticks it out (for the most part, anyway). 

The thing I ended up really enjoying was the mystery of it. Was Luke Trent or not? I kept going back and forth. One minute, "Yes, he has to be Trent!" The next, "There's no way that's Trent!" The fact that the book is told from Brigitta's perspectative added to the mystery even more because we are only able to see the situation as she sees it and most of the time her judgement is not clear.

Luke ended up being a guy I really liked, especially once I found out who he truly was (and no I'm not telling!). I loved that he was sometimes really nervous around Brigitta. It really was adorable! 

While THE SUMMER OF NO REGRETS, wasn't what I was expecting I have no regrets that I read it! If you can get past the religion or enjoy religious diversity, you will enjoy this book!

You can purchase The Summer of No Regrets at the following Retailers:

Katherine Grace Bond is the author of THE SUMMER OF NO REGRETS (Sourcebooks, 2012) and of the bestselling LEGEND OF THE VALENTINE (Zondervan, 2002), a story of the civil rights movement. She often finds herself in the woods escaping from giant cats and shadowy figures in cloaks. The creator of TEENWrite acting/writing workshops, where participants come as their characters, she lives with her husband in a dimension populated by younger people, some of whom resemble her.


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