Thursday, June 20, 2013

That Awkward Thursday: What's his name?

That Awkward Thursday is a feature hosted by Wholly Books where it's not only okay but encouraged to share your awkward moments! 

That awkward moment you have no idea how to pronounce character names...

The down side to reading (I know it's hard to believe there is one) is that inevitably there will come a point when there is a character that you have no idea how to pronounce their name. I mean seriously some of the character names these days are strange. I'm all about being different but come on, it would be nice to be able to talk books with someone without sounding completely AWKWARD! 

This is one of the reasons why I have come to love audiobooks so much! It's great being able to talk books and know how a character's name should be pronounced. For example, had I not listened to the audiobook of Daughter and Smoke and Bone I probably would have pronounced Karou, Car-u. See the problem? 

What I have found myself doing whenever reading books that I don't know how to pronounce character names is to make up my own pronouncation of the name. For instance, Haymitch from The Hunger Games was called Hatchmitch in my head for the duration of the series. Yes, I realize that is a name that is pronounced just as it looks but for whatever reason I still thought Hatchmitch!

This has happened to me so many times. It's just easier to have these names in my head than try to figure out what it actually is. However, if I have to talk to someone about it definitely gets awkward! I think all books should come with a pronouncation guide!

What do you think? Do you ever have problems pronouncing character's names? Let me know what you think in the comments or create your own post and leave a link!


  1. Hehe Hatchmitch. I like it. It fits in with all the other weird names from 'The Hunger Games'. I haven't read or listened to 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone' so for interests sake, how do you pronounce Karou? Coz I would've thought Car-u too...
    Here's my TAT

  2. I always make up my own pronunciation too. lol My favorite example was Hermione. Had no clue when I first read the book until the first movie came out. And I like that the author later cleared it up in one of the books even and broke it down when Hermoine was explaining it to another character.


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