Thursday, June 27, 2013

That Awkward Thursday (15) Wait, he's blonde??

That Awkward Thursday is a feature hosted by Wholly Books where it's not only okay but encouraged to share your awkward moments! 

That awkward moment you realize that the way you picture a character is completely wrong...

I admit I am notorious for not paying attention to the descriptions of characters. This is probably why I typically don't care if Annabeth's character in the Percy Jackson movie has red hair instead of blonde (like the book) or if Daniel Radcliffe's eyes are green when he plays Harry Potter. I can't be bothered by something I didn't even know. 

The thing is I like to picture a character the way I WANT to picture them. I'll picture them based on their personaility and what I think they should look like (which 9 times out of 10 is incorrect). So when someone is cast for a part in a book to movie adaptation I always ask, Does his/her personailty fit the character? If the answer is yes then I am okay with it. If not, then usually I'll get over it. lol. I rarely let something like that stop me from watching a movie or enjoying it. I mean how can you judge a movie/actor/actress before you even see it? It's like judging a book by the cover (which ironically I do in fact do so I guess that's me contradicting myself). BUT..the point is that usually I don't pay attention to the description and I am shocked when I hear people on twitter talking about who they would cast for a movie for this book. 

A perfect example of this is with Zeke from The Blood of Eden series by Julie Kagawa. First, let me show you who I had pictured.

Alright, so we can all agree that Zac Efron is smoking hot. BUT...unfortunately, this doesn't look anything like what Zeke actually looks like. Here's a picture of chibi that Julie did of Zeke. 

(Also, Julie has an etsy store and puts up new items on Saturday if you like him. She also does dragons, unicorns and other characters from her books. You can check out her shop here!

Umm...see Zeke is actually BLONDE! How did Zac Efron even pop into my head? I think it was partly because I had seen him in a movie recently where his name was Zeke (I think I did, anyway). Also, I went through a period where I was in love with Zac so I'm sure I pictured everyone as him! lol. Don't judge! He's hot! 

Do you ever do this? Or is it just me??


  1. No I do it all the time. MY favorite authors are the ones that say in interviews that it is more important how the reader see a character than the author.

  2. Haha I'm re-reading 'The Immortal Rules' right now and I wouldn't be complaining if Zac was cast as Zeke. I was kind of annoyed by the whole Daniel Radcliffe having blue eyes thing. Mostly because it's such an easy thing to make happen. Coloured contacts. And the fact that the book goes on and on a bit about how Harry has green eyes. I also picture my hot guys of the moment as hot book characters haha. I think we all do.

    1. I know, who wouldn't love Zac Efron as anyone! And I never even noticed that Harry was supposed to have green eyes until someone pointed it out to me. Also, I don't think I even noticed what color Daniel Radcliffe's eyes are. I don't pay too much attention to those kind of things obviously.

  3. I usually have a hard time picturing blonde guys because I prefer dark-haired boys... The curious thing is, I don't have any problem at all picturing blonde girls. xD But I pictured Mara Dyer as white first as well, and I have that problem a lot of the time where I don't remember a particular trait (skin color, eye color, hair color), but I know everything else. It's just that one that I don't remember or am picturing falsely.

    1. I typically picture almost all guys as brunette or black hair. Apparently, I prefer my book boyfriends tall, dark and handsome lol.

  4. I do this all the time! I was furious when I saw Katniss with dyed brown hair in THG movie because I pictured her as blonde. Nope. Not the case. I knew Prim was blonde and somehow glossed over EVERY character description of Katniss because I saw her the way I wanted to haha. I'm trying hard to see characters as they're described now, but sometimes I just get that image in my head and I can't get it out!

    1. Really? I don't even know that I had a hair color I pictured at all for Katniss. Maybe red? I really can't remember. lol.

  5. I do that too! But not even with just hair color, I can imagine a whole face and then I am just 100% wrong.
    My awkward moment was misjudging the hotness of Simon Lewis cause his film portrayal was not at all what I was expecting.

  6. I prefer dark hair. And never picture a blonde. Ever. So I am completely with ya on this one. Zac is a hottie. He's just a youngin, lol.


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