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Guest Post: Tammy Lowe

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A Writer’s Imagination: Time Travel & Treasure Hunts

I like to think of myself as both an author, and an adventurer. On a recent trip to China, I took a rickety old boat to see the Giant Leshan Buddha, the largest carved Buddha in the world.  In the year 703, the three rivers meeting in this spot were very rough. One day, a monk imagined that if he carved a Buddha into the cliffs, God might calm the waters so that fishermen wouldn't die. It inspired him to begin the construction.  The funny thing is, all the rock removed to carve the Buddha went into the river and calmed the waters. It worked in a roundabout way.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” –Albert Einstein

As a writer, that is one of my favourite quotes.  When you allow your imagination to wander, that’s when you find inspiration.  Act upon that inspiration and, well…life becomes really fun.
I’ve had an over- active imagination since childhood.  As a young girl, I loved to read books and watch shows like Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables.  I loved anything set in the “olden days”.

When I was about ten years old, I began to wonder about time travel.  My biggest wish was that I’d end up back in the pioneer era.  I imagined hanging out with spoiled Nellie Olsen.  I don’t remember why I wished for Nellie over Laura Ingalls, but I think it had something to do with the fact that her parents owned the candy shop.

I had it all figured out.  I didn’t want to live in the 18th or 19th century; I’d miss my family too much. And I can’t live without modern comforts.  I wanted the freedom to travel back and forth through time.
My wish to time travel was so strong; I even dressed the part, as much as I could, without raising anyone’s suspicions.  I wore dresses to school every day, when all my friends wore jeans and t-shirts. I had to be prepared just in case it worked and I was whisked through time. That summer, I even begged my mom to buy me a bonnet. She did. I wore that white bonnet everywhere. If I ended up in Walnut Grove or Avonlea, I was prepared. 

By the sixth grade I was old enough to realize that time travel probably wasn’t going to be a reality for me, so I decided when I grew up, I’d write a book about a girl who could travel back and forth through time. 

Being Canadian, another subject that sent my imagination into overdrive was The Oak Island Money Pit.  It is the stuff of legends, yet you probably haven’t heard of it.  Discovered in 1795, by three teen boys in Nova Scotia, it is believed to hold buried pirate treasure, Shakespeare’s original works or even the Holy Grail. 

No treasure has ever been found, only an ingeniously booby-trapped shaft. Legend says the island will not give up its secret until seven people have died, and all the oak trees are gone. To date, six people have lost their lives and only one of the original oaks still stands.  The digging at Canada’s Oak Island continues to this day and throughout the years has attracted treasure hunters such as John Wayne and Franklin Roosevelt, before he became president of the United States.  

Time travel and treasure hunts continue to inspire me.  Reading about Scottish castles, witch trials, and alchemists attempting to turn lead into gold; all these historic legends make my thoughts run wild.  Oh, the thrill of living in those days!  Einstein was, of course, correct. My young imagination was the preview of life’s coming attractions. Seeing the Leshan Buddha reminded me that when you use your imagination, life has a way of working in a roundabout way.  Even though the time travel gig never became a reality for me, I did become somewhat of an adventurer, exploring ancient history all over the world and incorporating that into my novels.  Imagination is so important; not just for writers, but for everyone. It inspires great works of art, great discoveries in science and great philosophies.  Where will your imagination lead you?                                        


About the author:
When she isn't writing, you will either find Tammy Lowe surrounded by little children and covered in glitter and glue, or on some grand adventure: inside an Egyptian pyramid, twirling on an Alp or climbing the Great Wall of China. She's part Mary Poppins, part Indiana Jones.
Tammy lives in Cambridge, Ontario with her husband and their teenage son.  You can find her at

The Acadian Secret is the story of a time travelling twelve year old who lands in trouble while visiting the 17th century Scottish Highlands.  Add to that the true tale of the longest running, the most expensive and the deadliest treasure hunt in history and it becomes an action adventure both girls and boys, young and old, can enjoy.

BACK COVER:  Elisabeth London is keeping her new friends a secret from her parents.  Not only do they live on the other side of the world in the Scottish Highlands, they lived more than three hundred and fifty years ago. Her mom and dad would never allow her to go gallivanting about seventeenth century Scotland.  They won’t even let her go to the mall by herself yet.

Twelve-year-old Elisabeth is old enough to know there is no such thing as magic, but when her quartz crystal necklace has the power to transport her back and forth in time, she no longer knows what to think.  The only thing she is certain of is that she loves spending carefree days with Quinton, the mischievous nephew of a highland warrior, and sassy little Fiona, a farmer’s daughter. 

However, Elisabeth’s adventures take a deadly turn when she is charged with witchcraft.  At a time and place in history when witch-hunts were common, those found guilty were executed, children included. Elisabeth must race to find her way back home, while trying to stay one step ahead of the witch-hunter determined to see her burned at the stake.  

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