Thursday, May 23, 2013

That Awkward Thursday (10) DID WE READ THE SAME BOOK??

That Awkward Thursday is a feature hosted by Wholly Books where it's not only okay but encouraged to share your awkward moments!

That awkward moment you hate a book everyone else loves...

Okay, so hate may be a little too strong. How about we go for geniunely dislike? The truth is I hate very few books. Most books I don't like are ones that simply don't evoke any emotions out of me at all. However, there have been several that I have geniunely disliked. 

And as if disliking something that someone put a ton of effort in isn't awkward enough, what about when everyone else is raving about a book and all you want to do is rant about it. One word, AWKWARD! 

Seriously, sometimes I question whether we actually read the same book. I mean the very thing I loathe about a book is the thing someone else adores. An example could be something like this...

Me: I hate the characters! They were dull and found nothing interesting about them.

Someone else: I loved the characters! They were so full of life!


Me: The plot was so slow. I saw every plot twist coming from a mile away. The book was predictable and boring.

Someone else: This book was action packed! There was never a dull moment. More than once the author took me by complete surprise. 

Now, for a personal example. The closest I have ever really come to hating a book was probably Team Human by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan. You can read my review here.

I couldn't stand the MC, Mel and thought the book as a whole was boring. I read reviews on Goodreads that said they loved Mel and thought she was funny. I thought she was rude. I thought the plot was completely boring. Others, thought it was interesting and different. 


Well the truth is everything in life is up to interpretation, therefore, every person will interpret a book differently. I've heard a million different authors say a million times that you can't write a book everyone will love and that is the absolute truth. We all have different tastes and personalities and that is what makes life so interesting! If we were all the same, things would be so boring!

Has this ever happened to you? Let me know in the comments or create your own post and leave a link below! I'll be sure to check out your post!


  1. I'm like you and have very few books that I really dislike. But I thought of three that I borderline hated that other people loved. It's so awkward when you start ranting about a book and the person's just staring at you like you're cray cray lol. Here's my TAT post:

  2. Oh my word, that has happened to me before. I always go back to how much I couldn't stand Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma, but everyone else seemed to love it. Sometimes I wonder if I got a different book or something. Most recently I didn't like Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. I'm a huge Peter Pan fan and I was super excited to read it, but I didn't like it much. It's my most recent review and I won't be surprised if people think I'm crazy for disliking it. Meh.

  3. I've never even heard of this 'Team Human' book so I probably won't be reading it, unless someone lent it to me which isn't likely. Here's my TAT (that acronym is so cool!)

    1. Aaaaaand that link doesn't seem to be working. TAT

  4. YESSS. I hate it when that happens. Especially books that have been hyped a lot - I'll go into something expecting to at least like it, but then when it turns out I actively dislike it... eesh. No fun. =S


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