Thursday, April 18, 2013

That Awkward Thursday (5) What kind of books did you say you read again?

That Awkward Thursday is a feature hosted by Wholly Books where it's not only okay but encouraged to share your awkward moments!

That awkward moment someone asks you what kind of books you like to read and you tell them Young Adult Paranormal Romance....

This topic is somewhat related to the topic we did a couple of weeks ago that dealt with books you were too embarrassed to read in public. However, today's topic deals more with the type of books you read rather than just the covers. 

Whenever someone asks me what type of books I read I immediately feel a little awkward. I love talking about books but I have found that non-readers really don't have a clue about YA literature. I mean you tell them Suspense they immediately think John Grisham,  Horror: Stephen King, Romance: Nicholas Sparks. But when you say YA or Young Adult this blank expression comes across their face. Some may say, "Oh, you mean like Twilight?" And while yes that is partially right, Twilight is a Young Adult novel but the way people say it, it's like Twilight is the ONLY Young Adult novel. 

I will openly admit to being a Twi-Hard but I have a love for YA in general, not just Twilight in particular. Other may say, "Paranormal? Like vampires?" Another side-effect of the Twilight phenomenon, I'm sure. And when I reply, "Yeah, vampires, faeries, werewolves, ghosts..." They give me this judgey look like what are you 16? At this point, I totally want to say, "I f'n like sparkly vampires, what's it to you?" But of course, I don't say that. I just shrug, smile and walk away. 

It seems to be that there's this negative connotation with it comes to YA. People looked down on it like it's not real literature because the main characters are in their teens rather than adulthood. And I totally don't get why they think that way. YA is much more exciting. I find that teens have this different outlook on life. It's fresh and full of hope and possibilities that sometimes falls away once you enter adulthood. As teens, you still have your whole future ahead of you and there are all these options. Also, YA books often give teens the opportunity to change the world, especially in dystopian books. YA books are empowering not just to teens, but also to us adults (that don't really consider themselves adults) that have forgotten that we can still make choices, still do things, and are desperate for that sense of empowerment. 

Okay that was completely getting off topic... *Makes V-line back to point. Wait, what are the point again? Right, Young Adult Paranormal Romance*

The point is that admitting to someone that you enjoy reading Young Adult Paranormal Romance books is totally awkward, even though it shouldn't be...  So the next time someone gives you "the look" when you tell them that you read Young Adult Paranormal Romance, tell me them that f'n sparkly vampires are the shiz and to get over it! 


  1. Lol I love this post! Agree totally. I always got "the stare" whenever I mention y.a and then add in the paranormal romance and they're like "what" or "twilight, gah" but I'm like whatever these books are awsome, your just clueless, and that just leaves more sparkly vampires, faeries, Werewolves, etc., for me!

    This is a great meme BTW. I'm gonna start doing it on my blog!
    -Amanda @ Always A Book Geek

  2. I hate that people always associate YA with Twilight and sparkling vampires lol. And idk why people look down on YA. I'm glad I stopped caring what people thought. I was so bored reading Adult Fiction and I probably wouldn't be reading this much if I was still doing that.

  3. you are SO RIGHT! I ALWAYS try to get away from these awkward situations.. people go like OH you read! and I say yea I read fiction, then they start naming these weird authors and I'm like.. ugh, no i don't read that. I have to be honest though, because I LOVE Nicholas Sparks, however I am also a twilight fan (NOT the movies) and I have to agree, there is this negativity or judgement from people when they know you read YA. I mean, get educated first about what YA is about THEN come and judge me right?

    great post!
    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf


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