Friday, April 19, 2013

Guest Post: Jeanie Parnell

Today on the blog I am happy to welcome Jeanie Parnell, author of Fairhope. Jeanie was kind enough to share her experience about how Fairhope came to be. 

Also, this book, is set in a town that is close to where I live! (Awesome, right?) I will be reading and reviewing Fairhope in the next month or so, so be on the lookout for it!

Writing Fairhope started out as a challenge to myself to see if I could even write a romance novel.  I love to read and write, and romance is by far my favorite genre.  I am always thinking up stories in my head, and bit by bit, my ideas progressed into a story.  I then went from writing as a fun hobby while my oldest child napped (he turns eight this week) to editing a fully formed book any time I could snatch during my busy days.  I have three children now, and finding time to do anything is sometimes a struggle, but writing can be done anywhere and at any time, and that has helped me accomplish this dream. 

The idea for Fairhope came to me while I drove around Alabama working as a sales rep.  I would daydream, and Cam, Chase, Margot, and Jim came to life.  Living through Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina, which did such tremendous damage, influenced the story a great deal, especially because I was close to people who lost their homes and livelihoods.
When I began writing Fairhope, I did not have a definite plan with what I would do with it, but I did have a few goals I wanted to accomplish.  One was to write something with more substance than just a romance between two people.  Fairhope is a love story in many ways; it is about the love between two best friends, the love for home, the love for family, and then the romantic love between two people.  I enjoy reading all types of books, but I wanted this story to convey many types of love.   I also wanted to write something that would reach out to many people, and that is why I love that Cam and Margot's personalities and romances are so different.  People relate to different types of people, and are comfortable with different types of relationships, and it was fun including a little bit of variety in the novel.  Lastly, I wanted to write something that wasn't too racy.  I imagined my kids reading this one day, and I wanted them to be proud of what I wrote and not embarrassed that their mom wrote it!! ;)
The experience of writing and publishing a novel has been extremely exciting, very nerve-racking, and incredibly encouraging.  I can't get over how supportive my friends, family, and community have been.  I am incredibly grateful and appreciative of every sale I make.  It has been so neat seeing my book on Pinterest, in book stores, and on huge web sites.  I entered Fairhope into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, and it has been selected as a quarter-finalist, which is incredibly exciting!  It was selected as one in the top 100 romance books out of 10,000 total entries spanning five genres. I find out in mid-April if it makes the semi-finals. If anyone would like to download an excerpt and review it, it is available online at Amazon right now for the public to review.  Go to, and type in Fairhope-ABNA 2013 entry. The excerpt is free to download and review, and I would love some positive feedback!  You can also download the book from the Kindle library for free if you have a kindle.

Thanks for taking the time to connect with me! I have some other books in the works. Hopefully I will find the time to finish and publish soon!  Please keep your eye out for them!  Thank you for your support, and enjoy reading Fairhope!

About the Book

2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-finalist Best friends Cam Greene and Margot Parissi are completely opposite in looks, personality, and taste, but they have been as close as sisters since they were kids. About the only things the two friends do share are an affection for art, a deep appreciation for home and family, and a fierce wariness of men. But when fate sends a devastating hurricane their way, more than just the town is threatened; Cam and Margot must contend with two handsome newcomers as well. Chase Jackson is handsome, successful, and thoughtful, and totally smitten with Cam. He is determined to give her the love and support her heart longs to reclaim, but Cam is uncertain. Will Chase's devotion be enough for Cam to find her faith and believe again in happily ever after? Jim Shepard is sexy, bold, and confident; a winning combination that has served him well. But that is before he meets Margot and realizes that she is his most appealing challenge yet. Jim refuses to play Margot's games, but what will it take for Margot to realize that he is the one man she didn't know she was looking to find? On this hopeful, whirlwind journey, Cam and Margot rely on the strength of their friendship as they recover from heartbreak, restore their faith in love, and rebuild their lives...even better than before.

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  1. Oh wow! I will definitely have to read this one! I love finding Alabama writers and/or books set in Alabama. Can't wait to see what you think of it!


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