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Author Interview: Jamie Manning

Hi Jamie,

Thanks so much for taking a minute to answer some questions for me.  I am so happy you agreed to do this interview…even though I kind of put you on the spot with asking you on Twitter and everything!

Hi, Ashley! I’m so happy you asked me for an interview, thanks for that! And put on the spot or no, I totally would’ve said yes!

Tell us something interesting about Blood Born that we should know before reading it that we won’t get from the description.

Ookay, right out of the gate with the toughies, huh? Let’s see, something you don’t get from the description… ooh, there’s a cliffhanger ending. How ‘bout that? Lol! Also, there are lots of questions raised throughout the book that won’t be answered at the end. You’ll have to read the series to get them. Because I’m mean like that.

These days there are a million and one vampire stories out there. How is Blood Born different?

I thought the same thing when this story came to me. Oh man, there are a million and two (ha!) vampire stories out there, Jamie. How’s yours gonna stand out? That’s when the idea of giving Ava the chance to regain her humanity came to me. I hope that aspect somewhat sets it apart from others.

What can we expect from you next? Are you working on something now?

Right now I’m working on the first book in a dystopian series that will be released next spring. And of course there’ll be the third and final Blood Prophecy book, which will come out late next year. I’m also working on a couple of other projects that I hope to find a home for some time before the end of this year. Busy busy!

Is there a moment that you can pinpoint and say, “that’s why I decided I wanted to be a writer?” If so, when was that moment? What happened?

It was after reading my first book when I was a kid. It was one by R.L. Stine, and I was instantly hooked on reading. I didn’t know then that I wanted to be a “writer,” but I knew I wanted to tell stories. It took me a *cough* few years to get there, but I did!

If being a writer wasn’t an option, what would your dream job be?

Working with animals, definitely. I love them (maybe more than people, lol) and would draw immense joy from being around them all day.

Avid readers’ favorite books seem to change week to week based on what they’ve read recently or what kind of mood they are in (at least that’s how I am) What’s your favorite book right now?

I’m the same way! When I find a favorite, I’m all, “This is my fave book ever!” A week later, I find another and am all, “This is my fave book EVER!” :-P  My at-the-moment favorite is The Fault in Our Stars, being the last one I read. But my all-time favorite is To Kill A Mockingbird. Love that book!  

I believe that all good writers have something they want readers to take away from their books. What do you want readers to take away from yours?

I hope readers see that no matter what, no matter how bad things get, there is always a choice. The ability to choose is what sets us apart from other living things. If we give up the right to choose, we become animals. That’s the overall message: Choice is always there!

Now, on to the this or that portion of the interview. If at any time you don’t have a preference you can choose neither.

This or that:

Coke or Pepsi
    Coke (Diet)

Chocolate or Vanilla
    Vanilla. With chocolate syrup. :-P

Early Bird or Night Owl
    I think night owl. Getting up early blows.

Harry Potter or Twilight
    Twilight (though I know JK Rowling is queen)

Answer to Previous or The Hunger Games
    Oh, you meanie! Okay, between Twilight and The Hunger Games? Gotta go with The Hunger Games. #TeamPeeta!

Vampires or Werewolves
    Um, you do know what BLOOD BORN is about, right? Vampires!

Yes, Jamie I know Blood Born is about vampires!! It's the same this or that for everyone! lol.

Zombies or Unicorns
    Oh, zombies, definitely.

Twitter or Facebook
    Twitter. It’s an addiction.

    MAC. Although I’m like a cheating spouse right now since I’m answering this on a PC.

Ebook or print
    I get the love of the ebook, and the ease and convenience of it, but definitely and always print.

Thanks for the fun questions, Ashley!

Thanks for answering my questions!

About Blood Born

Blood Born (Blood Prophecy, #1)Waking up in a coffin hungry for blood is only the beginning for sixteen-year-old Ava Blue. When Chance Caldon, the hottie who dug her up, tells her she's half vampire, Ava's world really turns upside down.

Half vamp? Ava can't believe it...she doesn't even know what that means! Not until Aldric, a thousand-year-old vampire, shows up and tells her it's true--and that he's the one who turned her. Then Ava truly begins to believe what she is. Now she has to deal with a sudden and powerful bloodlust, the desire to see Aldric dead, and her growing crush for Chance. Ava knows she's a monster now, she can feel it; and her life is over.

But redemption isn't lost. Aldric is giving her a chance to regain her humanity. The price? Kill 100 vampires, or remain a bloodsucker forever.

So Ava sets out to get her life back. But killing vampires begins a battle that could destroy everything she is working toward. In the end, Ava's decision will forever change her life and the lives of those she loves.

Buy Blood Born

About Blood Awakening

Blood Awakening (Blood Prophecy #2)Ava’s life went from bad to worse the night Chance became a vampire.

He won’t have anything to do with her. Ava understands why—because he blames her—but it doesn’t mean she likes it.

And it doesn’t help that she’s starting to feel something for Erik, the boy who once wanted her dead. Especially when Chance decides that he does still love her, and wants her to be with him for eternity.

Now she has a choice: Humanity…or forever as a vampire with Chance. 

But Ava wants nothing more than to be human again. At least, she thought that was all she wanted. 

Thankfully her best friend Kayla has a plan to distract Ava from her boy troubles, and they go in search of Kayla’s missing dad. A great idea, but one that brings Sebastian back into Ava’s life. Along with another, more sinister former member of his coven. 

Sebastian and Zyris face off against Ava and her friends, resulting in Ava making yet another choice that changes the course of everyone’s lives, and leaves her wondering if being human again is really worth losing everything.

Buy Blood Awakening

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  1. Wow! Jamie sounds wonderfully organized in the writing dept and I do love Vamps of course, but there's something that tempts me towards werewolves on those this and that questions...maybe vamps are more feline and the werewolves of course are very canine. I'm a dog person...also a pony person so give me the unicorn and let me keep my brainz in my skull :)
    Great interview.


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