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That Awkward Thursday: Love the Author, Hate the Book

Welecome to the first official That Awkward Thursday! I am super excited about this new feature. If you have been reading my blog the last couple of weeks you have probably seen the post that this feature originated from. This feature will take the phrase That awkward moment...then fill it in with a bookish related topic. Topics so far have been: That awkward moment a cover you love gets redesigned & That awkward moment you like the movie more than the book. Now, on to this week's topic.

That Awkward Moment you Love the Author but Hate the Book

As book bloggers this is bound to happen to you at some point or another. You meet an author, be it in person at a conference or on social media, and you love him or her. They are so incredibly awesome. They are so awesome in fact that you know you MUST read their book(s). So off you go to the book store to buy said book. You get it home and immediately begin to read it. Then, 20 pages in you realize you would rather suffer through some medieval torture ritual than to continue reading. 

Now, this person that you LOVE and have somewhat befriended knows you are reading their book and wants to know your thoughts. Obviously, you can't tell them exactly what you are feeling but at the same time you can't lie and tell everyone how much you loved said book when that is the furthest thing from the truth. So what do you?

Luckily, this has only (kind of) happened to me once. I was extra lucky that I met this person that was super nice at a book convention and she had no idea who I was. She was nice and talked to me for about 10 minutes but I didn't tell her I was a blogger or anything (I was just getting serious about getting it started) so it was rather simple for me. 

I read the book and didn't like it at all. It wasn't that the book wasn't well written because it was. The book just wasn't for me. I published the review and gave it 2 cows. I was honest about what I didn't like (It was a slow developing story.) and said that it was well written but just wasn't for me. Simple, right? 

The thing is I am terrified that I will befriend an author on twitter (now that I am socializing a little more, but I still need some work in the social media department) and we have a conversation something like this:

Me: "OMG, your book sounds great! I can't wait to read it!"

Wonderful new author friend: "Yay! Glad you think so! Be sure to let me know what you think when you finish!"

Me: "Of course, I'm sure I'll love it!"

A few days later...

Me: *Closes book.* "That is the worst book I have ever attempted to read.*

The next day...

Me: "Oh no! Wonderful author friend is on twitter, right now!" *Quickly, exits twitter and prays wonderful new author friend doesn't tweet me.*

This whole conversation is obviously an extremely exaggerated example but I think you get my point. The more you talk to authors, the more likely you are to encounter something similar. A friend of mine that isn't an actual book blogger told me a similar story where she began talking to the author on Goodreads and the author told her to let her know what she thought of her book. I'm sure you guessed she didn't love it. She told me that it was incredibly awkward and she ended up posting her review on Goodreads and stated what she didn't like about the book and didn't contact the author directly about her thoughts. 

Honestly, there isn't a good way to handle this situation. You can't say you loved it, when you didn't. At the same time, you don't want to hurt your new friend's feelings. I think that my way of handling it would depend on how close I was to the author. If I only talked to them a few times on twitter, I would probably just post the review. However, if this was someone I was really, truly friends with and talked to them on a regular basis I probably just wouldn't post a review at all. I would try to kindly tell them that I didn't love their book and would rather do an author interview, guest post, or promo. I am hoping that if I befriended said author then they would have a good character and be understanding. 

Of course what I am really hoping is that this never, ever happens to me. That would be just a little too AWK-WARD! 

Has this ever happened to you?


  1. oh man this is like the definition of awkward.. I have befriended so many awesome authors on twitter however I have never befriended an author BEFORE reading their book. Usually I befriend an author after raving about their book and constantly tweeting them crying for the sequel or just to discuss the book. However, something similar did happen. I read a book by a very famous YA author and didn't like it all that much, i also gave it two stars, and then i just forgot about it. There was a big event here and the author came.. of course i got the book and she signed it however i wasn't expecting her to be SO MUCH FUN! She was funny, awesome to talk to, and just all around amazing. So i tweeted her and i think we followed each other on instagram.. point is, I am now scared that she might go on my blog and read that review :P I am not sorry I wrote it because it was my honest opinion and I obviously respect the author and didn't bash her or her writing, but it would still cause an awkward situation.

    man, I LOVE this post!!! :D can people participate and make their own posts too??

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    1. Oh wow! I can understand why you would be nervous! Maybe she'll never see it!

      Glad you like the post. I hadn't thought about other people participating but I would love for other people to participate. Feel free to make your own post! All I ask is that you link back to me! :)

  2. This is why I get nervous to talk to authors much. I would feel horrible to then have to say I didn't like their work. It's the worse part of reading self-pub books too because you usually deal directly with the author. It's always awkward but luckily they have all been really nice and thankful for any review. So far. :)

    1. Yes, I know! I hate when I have to send a self pub author a link to my review that wasn't great. I feel guilty and awkward!

  3. I feel like that when I do a blog tour... it's like I know the author is going to come by and read what I wrote and I feel bad. Even if I liked the book but I have a few minor things that bugged me to say I feel bad about saying it... but I know I need to be honest and give my full review. It's SO hard and it would be hard to be an author and have your work criticized constantly too! No good answers!

    1. Completely agree!! It's just awkward no matter what you do!

  4. No, this has never happened to me-- thankfully! LOL! I'm always paranoid that I'm going to post a bad review, then the author is going to like, do something horrifying, you know? I have, however, gotten a book for review from the author and then not enjoyed it. I warn 'em, though. They don't have to read it. Oh, and your cows are adorable! (:

    Megan@The Book Babe

    1. I know! With all of these horror stories about authors attacking bloggers, it's scary! I like the idea of warning them but still I think that would be awkward too!

      And thank you! Glad you like them!

  5. This is a great discussion! I have made friends with quite a few authors before reading their book, usually meeting them at conventions. And I know that there have been times I haven't loved their book but I think usually it's been at least 3 stars and I just didn't say anything to them about it. I have had some I DNF'd but I never told them that either (though it's marked on goodreads). It IS awkward.
    OH! I remember I pretty much HATED a book I got from a publisher for review and I posted a 2 star review and then like a week later the publisher contacted me and asked me to attend an event and interview her and several other authors. I obviously couldn't say no (didn't want to say no) but it was a bit awkward cause I didn't know if she saw my review or not. She's a huge author with a cult following (like people show up in costumes and stuff) and she was super nice. THEN there was another event like a few months later and it was another multiple author event and she saw me and we said hi and she told some others standing nearby that she had met me not long ago and they all joked about how I was stalking her and stuff. And THAT was awkward since I didn't even like her book.

    1. Wow! That would be awkward! However, it is super cool that you were able to interview her and some other authors at an event! Now, I really want to figure out which author it was! lol. I guess I'll go stalk through your blog posts and see if I can figure it out! ;)

      Glad you liked the discussion! It's going to be a weekly feature where others can join in. I have the next few topics in the That Awkward Thursday tab if you would like to participate!

  6. I love this new feature! It's so clever. And this has happened to me too. I read The Iron King and hated it, but then read The Immortal Rules and loved it. I tweeted Julie Kagawa the 5 star review not thinking she'd actually see it, but she commented on it! Then I nervously chewed my fingernails down to stubs hoping she didn't find the low star review of her other book. lol it's all very nerve racking.


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