Wednesday, March 6, 2013

That Awkward Moment a Cover you Love gets Redesigned

I’ve been around the book world long enough to know that cover redesigns are just part of it.  Cover redesigns are inevitable. They are part of the biz. There are any number of reasons why a publisher may decide a redesign is necessary. Maybe the original cover wasn’t appealing to the intended audience. Maybe readers felt they were misled by the cover. Maybe the cover confused readers. Or maybe the book just wasn’t doing as well as the publisher had hoped and they felt (for whatever reason) the cover was the problem. Some changes are for the better and some not so much.

Today though I want to talk a little bit about that awkward moment when a cover you LOVE gets redesigned. If you are a die hard book lover then I’m sure that this has happened to you at least once. Me? Well, let’s just say it’s happened more than a couple of times. 

The thing is that it isn’t necessarily that I dislike the new cover. Usually, the new covers are fine. I may not love them but still I don’t hate them or anything. The thing with me is that usually the said book is part of a series. Typically I have bought said book with said old cover then WHAM! along comes shiny new cover and that so doesn’t match my shiny old cover. This is where my problem lies.

Yes, I am one of those weird, OCD freaks that want all of their book covers to match. Heck, it irritates me when a book is first released in paperback but mid-series begins being released in hardcover after the series becomes more popular. Or if they simply change the title font.  I know what you’re thinking…WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS CHICK? The answer: I’m really not sure. I’m not a neat freak or anything so it’s not that. I really can’t tell you where this OCD thing with matching books comes from. But for whatever reason it really bothers the point where I create a whole blog post about it. 

I'm sure some of you are totally like okay can you please show me some examples of what you're talking about. Great, glad you asked because that's exactly what I was about to do!

Alright, here's some examples!

I'm not a huge fan of this cover change. I'm not crazy about the new cover with the circle outlined in gold. I really don't get how it relates to the book. I know part of the reason they changed the cover was that some readers didn't like the cover model wasn't Asian like the main character, Allie. Still, I like the old cover better.

I'll be honest what really drew me in to this series was the original cover. I thought it was really unique and I was completely intrigued. Also, on the original cover if you took the dust jacket off you would see the full image of the girl's face on the actual book. I thought that was really cool. I do like the new cover of this book. I think it's pretty and everything but I hate that I have the first book with the old cover and the last two with the new. I may eventually buy the new cover for Delirium as well because yeah I'm just that crazy!

This is the cover I was talking about that changed fonts. I really just don't get why! I mean it seems to me it would have been easier to just stick with the original font. Plus, I think the script is much prettier!

Lastly, the most recent cover redesign, Anna and the French Kiss. I do like the new cover but again now I will have the first two books with the original cover and will have the last book with the new design. The new covers are really pretty. In my opinion they have a Sarah Dessen feel to them (especially the new covers, Sarah Dessen's novels also recently went through a redesign). I can see how that would be a smart move because I believe Anna and the French Kiss would definitely appeal to Dessen's fans but still I really liked the old covers.

So what do you think? 
Am I crazy or do you hate when this happens? 
Have you ever felt this way? 
Let me know in the comments!


  1. I hate it. lol It's just frustrating to pay money for the shiny copy on your shelf to collect and then they go and redo them before the series is complete. If I had known that ahead of time, I would have bought the ebooks instead. And it makes me so very sad when it is covers you love! I wish publishers would find a way to do this without disappointing a lot of the collectors and avid readers. Wait until it is complete, or only do it for the paperback. Hey, maybe sell jackets. Something. I've heard book sellers and librarians say it is confusing for people when shopping too. :(

  2. Ahhh!! I especially hate when they change covers in the middle of a series. I also hate when I have the old covers and like the newer ones better. I think people that own the first covers should get a discount for emotional distress. This is serious business. lol

  3. This annoys me so very much! Most of the time the new covers are great too but when you already have a part of a series you want it to match! I totally understand wanting to get more readers but that makes us old readers feel uneeded! Like our opinion isn't as important as getting new readers! The bad thing is this is such a complex process that it's hard to understand why publishers do it! I know the new Stephanie Perkins covers had a lot of dissapointed older readers!

  4. I agree. Some of the original covers were very eye-catching. It leaves me scratching my head as to why they would change the cover. What annoys me the most is when a series starts off in mass-market pb and halfway through are released in trade pb! Now, I have a series in different sizes sitting on my bookshelves.

  5. I'm pretty OCD about this too. If I buy a book series, I buy it for reading, obviously, but also for display. So it's really annoying when series change covers mid-series. I mean, I can understand it if it's after the whole series has come out and they're just coming up with something new, but still... not my favorite! I also can't stand the new Delirium covers; I really liked the original one!

  6. It's so great to hear I'm not the only OCD person out there!


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