Thursday, February 28, 2013

This, That or Thought Thursday (18)

Hey Y’all!
Welcome to This, That, or Thought Thursdays hosted by yours truly! Feel free to join in the fun by posting your thoughts about the topic on your blog and leaving a link in the comments or as always feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

This Week’s Question: Social Media: Twitter or Facebook?

My Answer:

I got to admit I was a Myspace junkie. I know, I know...some of you are probably saying my what! Myspace was the big thing before Facebook and Twitter. I held on as long as I could but suddenly I was like the only one still on Myspace so I joined Facebook. I tried to like it. Honestly, I did! BUT it never really captured my heart. Myspace had all of these cool design features where you could customize and make it truly your space and in my opinion Facebook was just kind of blah in comparison. 

THEN...came Twitter with it 140 character status updates and an unique way to find other people that really love the same things you do. A place where you could talk to those people you look up to and completely adore and sometimes, just sometimes THEY TALKED BACK! With some people these people may be actors or athletes or rockstars but for me...they were writers. And as I began to follow these amazing writers that I had adored from afar and knew only from their books I learned things about them. I talked to them and some of them responded and I nearly died from the giddiness. And it was through following these authors that I discovered there were other people out there like me. People who loved and obsessed over books and would rather follow authors than rockstars. And these people had these things called blogs where they talked about their love for books and gave books away. YES, THEY GAVE BOOKS AWAY!! So I began reading these blogs and was hit with this crazy idea....I could start a blog. Then I did. 

Basically, Twitter is the reason I have a blog and found out about this whole other world out there. Because of Twitter I discovered I wasn't alone and there were these other crazy people that were just as crazy about books and words as me. 

So yeah, Twitter, any day!

So what about you...Twitter or Facebook?


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