Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Author Interview: Lyla Bardan

Today I am pleased to welcome author Lyla Bardan,  author of On Par with a Fairy to Wholly Books! 

The Interview

Hi Lyla,

Thanks so much for taking a minute to answer some questions for me. It’s such a pleasure to have you stop by!

Thank you for having me. I love your website design, by the way, and your This, That, or Thought Thursdays section is very fun.

Thank you! That's so sweet!

Tell us something interesting about your book that we should know before reading it that we won’t get from the description.

On Par with a Fairy is a story about change, acceptance, and a teen’s first love. The story takes place during the summer in Door County, Wisconsin, a land of lush forests by the shores of Lake Michigan—and a complete hotbed of mosquitoes. And yet not a single character gets bitten by a mosquito during the entire story! That is amazing.

What can we expect from you next? Are you working on something now?

Yes, I am in the midst of polishing a young adult fantasy romance short story about a bike racing girl who falls for a Fae artist. I am also fine-tuning an adult paranormal novel about felid shapeshifters.

Is there a moment that you can pinpoint and say, “that’s why I decided I wanted to be a writer?” If so, when was that moment? What happened?

I wrote poetry in high school, and while in college I wrote fantasy short stories and nearly finished a scifi-romance novel, but I lost my confidence and put the writing away. I didn’t write fiction again for many years. It was the Twilight books that made me remember how much I enjoyed fiction writing. 

If being a writer wasn’t an option, what would your dream job be?

I’ve done a few of my dream jobs. I was an associate researcher at a university for a number of years and loved doing research. I also was a wildlife rehabilitator, which unfortunately does not pay, but is incredibly rewarding. I love choreographing dance—that would be a dream job.

Avid readers’ favorite books seem to change week to week based on what they’ve read recently or what kind of mood they are in (at least that’s how I am) What’s your favorite book right now?

I really loved the book Graceling by Kristin Cashore. I found it so innovative and I love a girl heroine who isn’t girly. I read a lot of adult paranormal books and have many favorites including What a Dragon Should Know by G.A. Aiken. Again, another tough female heroine. 

I believe that all good writers have something they want readers to take away from their books. What do you want readers to take away from yours?

You can love someone who doesn’t look like you, who doesn’t talk like you, who isn’t part of your “group”.  I touch upon at least one of the -isms in my works (racism, classism, speciesism). 

Now, on to the this or that portion of the interview. If at any time you don’t have a preference you can choose neither.  

This or that: 

Coke or Pepsi Pepsi, but I won’t turn down a Coke either.
Chocolate or Vanilla Chocolate, definitely.
Early Bird or Night Owl Night Owl.
Harry Potter or Twilight Oh! I love both. Each appeals to a different part of my brain.
Answer to Previous or The Hunger Games No to the Hunger Games for me. I can’t cope with graphic depictions of violence against kids. I’m squeamish in that way.
Vampires or Werewolves Totally werewolves. I love shapeshifters!
Zombies or Unicorns Unicorns. Zombies kinda smell bad, you know?
Twitter or Facebook Facebook. I have a hard time limiting myself to just 144 characters at a time.
MAC or PC PC. I tried Macs over the years and always returned them. But I do have an iPad mini now.
Ebook or print Both! I like not having to charge a battery on a printed book (and the feel of a printed book in my hand), yet I love the convenience of downloading books to my Kindle. I can have that book right when I want it.

About the Author

Lyla always had a vivid imagination. Unfortunately, as a child she was scolded for living in the make-believe worlds she created in her mind. In adolescence, her love of reading mysteries and science-fiction and fantasy stories was deemed folly. As a young woman, her desire to write sci-fi/fantasy romances was mocked by enough friends and family that Lyla stopped living in her strange dreams and became a serious person, a scientist, and put all her foolish writings away.

Not any more.

Lyla has left the analytical and scientific research to others.
She is busy writing stories about demons, shapeshifters, fairies, and mythological gods. But mostly, Lyla writes about love … demons, shapeshifters, fairies and mythological gods in love. Fantasy love for the fantasy crowd.

About the Book

Goodreads Description:

When sixteen-year-old Travis meets enchanting fairy Lark, legend speaks of a fated union, but his parents disagree. Can fairy legend prove stronger than parents, prejudice and the inevitable parting that must come with summer’s end?

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  1. Hey--I came to comment on a different post, saw Lyla, and said, "Hey, I know her!" :) Nice interview, ladies.

    Lyla, see you at the meeting tomorrow? Wait--yeah, you're giving the program! LOL

    1. Yup. I better be there! LOL. Thanks for commenting on my interview!


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