Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hello Everyone!

This post is mostly for authors & publishers (sorry everyone else, feel free to read anyway). In the past few months it has become apparent that I need to make changes in my review policy. While I love discovering new authors and books, it has gotten to the point that I am not reading the books that I have been dying to read. Books that I have been waiting to come out. Books by authors that I have read all of their books and loved them all. This simple fact I believe is why I haven't been into reading as much. Please don't misunderstand me, I was given the opportunity to read and review some amazing books from review requests I got but the bottom line is I'm not getting to read the books I really, really want to read. I am reading books I have to read. Well, not have to exactly but obligated to. I'm one of those people that like to read whatever book from my shelf that looks interesting instead of whatever book has to be reviewed first.

I have tons of books that I have bought with every intention of reading and just haven't had the time to so as of now I am no longer taking unsolicited review requests. This wasn't an easy decision for me to come to but after much deliberating I decided that this was the best option. I will still honor all requests I have accepted and I may at some point change my policy back. I am actually hoping I do.

However, that being said I still want to help promote books in some form even if I can't review them. So any author that is interested in doing a guest post, interview, and/or giveaway please email me at whollybooks1@gmail.com.

Thanks so much everyone!


  1. Ashley, that makes perfect sense and is completely understandable! You should read what you want, when you want.

    Enjoy! :)

  2. Thanks Stacey! Its good to hear that it's understandable!


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