Thursday, December 6, 2012

This, That or Thought Thursday (6)

Hello, Hello!

Welcome to This, That, or Thought Thursdays hosted by yours truly! Feel free to join in the fun by posting your thoughts about the topic on your blog and leaving a link in the comments or as always feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. This month is all about ebooks!

This Week’s Question: Do you prefer print books or ebooks?

My Answer: OH, OH, OH how I love books! I am just a book nerd in general! I guess that's obvious though because otherwise I wouldn't be spending all of this time talking about them! But to answer the question I prefer print books. There are few things I love more than looking at a stack of books or a good book shelf. I just enjoy seeing them. I love holding them. I love being near them! I have even been known to see with a book beside me in the bed every now and then.
It's something about being around books that make me extremely happy. Typically, I would feel a little weird sharing this information about my book obsession but if you are reading this I assume that we are in the same boat, no?
That being said, I do think that ebooks are a lot more convenient. They are easier to carry around, to read while laying out, and easier to store. I do have a kindle and I do love reading on it. I also like that there are times when I can get books I would like to read for really cheap. Don't get ebooks have their advantages but at the end of the day I'll take a print copy any day of the week!
What about you?


  1. Great topic. I prefer print books. I don't have a dedicated ereader, but do have apps on my phone. It is nice to take advantage of the freebies from Amazon and other places. Most recently I downloaded Anna Karenina which was convenient (and free), but given a choice, I choose print.

  2. an e reader is definitely easier and comes in handy not having to carry loads of books with you on journeys, but nothing beats a print copy :D


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