Monday, December 17, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway: E. B. Black

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I am super thrilled to have E. B. Black, author of Medusa's Desire, do a guest post on the blog. Today, E. B. is going to be discussing what she thinks draws adults to read YA novels. Trust me, it's an interesting post!

Also, be sure to check out the giveaway at the end to win an ebook of Medusa's Desire generously donated by the author!

Guest Post

The first place I go to whenever I browse a Barnes & Noble book store is the young adult section. I'm twenty-six years old. My teenage years passed awhile ago, so what draws adults like me to read young adult books?
It's always interesting to me that in the Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins, the teenagers were targeted by the Capital. Some people might find this hard to believe. Wouldn't they want to target the adults and leave orphans in order to destroy the people's morale? It sounds like an effective strategy.
Until you realize what teenagers represent to the world. As a teenager, you have your whole future ahead of you. You will be entering adulthood soon. Opportunities are knocking at your door and you haven't yet discovered yourself fully.
It's an exciting time in life that can be almost a foreign concept to adults. Many of us get stuck in our ways. We reach a certain age and think it's too late to change our life. We retreat into ourselves and sometimes lead lonely existences. Because many of us become cynical and know longer no how to reach out to the world and view it in the same innocent way we used to.
To destroy something beautiful like the potential a teenager has is a tragedy. It's why the Hunger Games were so effective.
It's also why Katniss was able to start a revolution when so many of the adults had lost hope. They had lived through decades of Hunger Games; their morale beaten down. They had learned how to obey. But she was newer to it all and they hadn't gotten a chance yet to destroy her spirit.
It's that spirit we crave as adults. The promise of new things and to go back to a time when we felt more hope for the future. When we were still experiencing love for the first time and daydreaming about what we would become. Instead of feeling disappointed in some of our choices or giving up our dreams and settling for a job or a situation that we don't like.
I think it's actually important that adults read young adult books every once in awhile, so we remember there's still chances for hope and happiness in the future, as long as we are able to draw breath.

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It all started the day her god raped her.

She transformed into an abomination through his touch. Her skin grew scales. Her eyes turned red. She screamed for help, but all who saw her became stone.

Medusa thought she would be alone forever, until the day a man came to kill her and fell in love instead. Now Perseus is running from those who hired him as he continues to love a girl who could kill him with a glance.



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