Thursday, November 8, 2012

This, That or Thought Thursday (2)


Welcome to This, That, or Thought Thursdays hosted by yours truly! Feel free to join in the fun by posting your thoughts about the topic on your blog and leaving a link in the comments or as always feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

This Week’s Question: Do you buy the movie cover version of a book or stick to the original?

My Answer:

Most of the time I buy the original cover. HOWEVER, if I REALLY love a book/movie series I have been known to buy both! I know, I know! Why do I need two copies of the exact same book? The answer is I don’t, BUT I WANT them! I’m not sure why I do, other than the simple fact that I am obsessed with books and collecting them.

Another reason I guess could be that I love covers so if the movie has a cool cover then I am more likely to buy it. Plus, some of the movie covers have hot guys on them! I mean, HELLO, who doesn’t want a book with Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson? Point made!

Okay, so that’s all I have for today! Hope you check out next week’s topic!


  1. oh i for sure always try to get the original cover. like hunger games for example. its not that i don't love the move.. cause i do, i just like the original book because ( and this could be silly ) i want people to know that i read the book before it became a movie , that i didnt read it just because it was made into a move.. i know silly. but still ... by the way i got your book swag in the mail . thanks so much. put up a post today ( thursday ) check it it out

  2. I always try to get the original cover. For some reason, I hate movie covers! hahah. I feel like it takes away from the original book somehow. I'm strange, but that's the way I am :)

  3. Original cover. The movie was made from the book. So I buy the original because that is what the author had intended.

  4. I always stick to the original! I'm a book collector so I'm all about first editions and all that, so original covers call to me! But also, movie book covers always look like movie posters. I feel like movies and books have very different vibes and I don't like that movie vibe on book covers. It always looks like a DVD cover.


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