Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The End of an Era: Twilight-Breaking Dawn Part 2

So by now I'm sure almost everyone has gotten to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2, right? Right! It truly is the end of an era and I must admit I am sad. I mean waiting in line, the screaming fans, the midnight shows, they were so much fun! It was great to see so many people so passionate about something. Now that it's all over I'm going to share my feelings about the movies and my experience during the whole Twilight phenomenon.

I didn't get into Twilight until after the first movie was already on DVD. A couple of my friends and I were in the local movie store trying to pick out some movies to watch. We happened upon Twilight and I'll be honest I had no idea what it was about. One of my friends said she had seen it and told us it was good and that she wouldn't mind watching it again. We ended up renting it that night. We watched it and I fell in love. I LOVED the story! I couldn't get it out of my head. The next day I bought the first book then the next day I went out and bought New Moon and by the end of the week I had read the entire series.

Later, I would come to realize that the first movie wasn't near as good as it could have been. In my opinion the vampires were too pale and Edward looked awkward the entire movie and I'll be honest I wasn't a K Stew fan. I liked the book much better and I felt that each movie was better than the last.

Starting with New Moon, I went to all of the midnight showings. I really loved being around a large group of people that loved something as much as I did. It became a sort of tradition for me and my sister to go to the midnight showings together. We got to the theater hours before the movie began and had a nice camp out. Starbucks was a must!

Unfortunately, my sister moved out of state a few months ago so we were unable to keep the tradition with Breaking Dawn Part 2. I got my mom to go with me and it was still fun but I do wish my sister could have been there. She did go and see it opening night. She both went to the 10 pm showing and called each other after to get each others reactions. In the end we both felt the same...Breaking Dawn Part 2 was awesome! The fight scene was totally kick ass and the movie made me experience a whole range of emotions. We both loved it and felt that it was the best one yet. She is coming home for Thanksgiving and we have already made plans to go and see it while she is home. I can't wait!

Breaking Dawn Part 2 truly was the end of an era and I am so sad to see it go. Twilight got me back into reading and for that I will always be thankful. Twilight also introduced me to YA literature which I have absolutely fallen in love with! YA is the perfect genre for me!

So now I would love it if you would take this survey for me because I really am curious what everyone else thought. To encourage you to participate I will choose one person that feels out the survey to send something Twilight related to!

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Oh, and don't forget to check out this week's This, That or Thought Thursday were I will be discussing book to movie adaptations!

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  1. I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN IT! AH! haha. I'm going with my old college roommates and they didn't want to go until this coming Monday. Then I'll FINALLY be on the same page :)


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