Monday, October 1, 2012

Review: Blackwood

Title: Blackwood
Author: Gwenda Bond
Pages: 352
Release Date: September 4, 2012

Goodreads Description:
On Roanoke Island, the legend of the 114 people who mysteriously vanished from the Lost Colony hundreds of years ago is just an outdoor drama for the tourists, a story people tell. But when the island faces the sudden disappearance of 114 people now, an unlikely pair of 17-year-olds may be the only hope of bringing them back.

Miranda, a misfit girl from the island’s most infamous family, and Phillips, an exiled teen criminal who hears the voices of the dead, must dodge everyone from federal agents to long-dead alchemists as they work to uncover the secrets of the new Lost Colony. The one thing they can’t dodge is each other.
Blackwood is a dark, witty coming of age story that combines America’s oldest mystery with a thoroughly contemporary romance.
My Thoughts:
When I first saw this book I was really excited about it. I love books that take a true part of history and create a story about what could have happened. I first read a theory about Roanoke in Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series. I was fascinated when her theory (although that part is not the main focus of the series) and really enjoyed the historical part and hearing her explanation. Ever since then I have had an interest in Roanoke and it’s people’s disappearance.  Needless to say, when the opportunity to review this book as part of the Southern Book Bloggers ARC Tour came about, I asked to participate.
Blackwood was a mildly entertaining read. I enjoyed the historical aspect of it and I liked Phillips and Miranda well enough, however, I wasn’t crazy about the theory for the disappearance of the people of Roanoke Island. I can’t must my finger on exactly what part of the theory I didn’t like. I guess I was just looking for something a little bit better. Once I discovered what was actually going on I felt let down. It was this cool reason, in my opinion it was kind of cheesy.
Like I said before though, Miranda and Phillips were okay characters. I did enjoy getting to see their relationship develop. However, I was confused as to why they had this strange history to begin with. It didn’t completely add up to me even after all the details were given.
The story started off at a better pace for me than it did when it was coming to a close. Blackwood caught my attention immediately but as the story progressed I found myself losing interest. It was never to the point I was absolutely bored, I was just indifferent.
In the end there were enough good points in this book for me to say that it was an okay book. I loved the idea of the story but I felt a little cheated once everything was put out there. Hopefully, Bond has more ideas for books with a historical backdrop and her books will improve as time moves forward.

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  1. An excellent, well acted thriller that flips the haunted house myth on its head.


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