Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Julie Kagawa Costume Contest!


Hope everyone is doing great today! Boy, are you guys in for a treat today. In case you haven't heard Julie Kagawa the brilliant mind behind The Iron Fey series and The Immortal Rules is hosting a costume contest where you have to dress up like a faery. You can see her post here. The deadline is today!  Of course, I had to do this! I definitely had a lot of fun with contest. I took a ton of pictures and am going to show a few.

Julie- The first one is the one that I am submitting for the contest. I just wanted to show everyone a few of the others!  :)

I am a Sprite aka Water Faery. My faery name is Sadie. I'm not sure that's a "faery name" but I like it so I'm gonna go with it!

Yes, I actually got into the October...on one of the coldest days we've had this year! 
I think I deserve some bonus points for that one!

So that's the one I chose for the contest but here are a few more that I liked that I thought I would share! 

Me as a faery reading The Lost Prince

Me again!

Okay, that's it. It was a fun experience. I am super glad I didn't get arrested because I am pretty sure that you're not supposed to get in the fountain. Also, I stripped down in a parking lot to get out of my wet clothes. So yeah, I broke a couple of laws that night but that's what made it so fun! 

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! Be careful tonight with it being Halloween and a full never know what could happen! :) 


  1. Looks fun! Glad you didn't get arrested though...or freeze to death!

    And I love the first picture! It turned out really cool looking.

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