Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: Foolish Games

Foolish Games
Foolish Games #1
Author: Leah Spiegel
Pages: 442

Goodreads Description:

Falling in love was the last thing Joie had on her mind when she was thrown into the marketing scandal intended to boost the Grimm Brothers Band's declining sales. Joie thought she knew the players of the game; she was the writer, J.T. Hawkins was the famous rock star, and Lizzie was her beautiful cover to the world. That was until a psychopathic stalker, who seemed to be three steps ahead of everyone else and calling all the shots, upped the stakes. In a situation where many different kinds of games were being played, Joie had to figure out if or who was bluffing because her life. . . and her heart, might very well depend on it.

My Thoughts:

When it came to Joie and J.T Hawkins being locked in the elevator you can feel the tension. It wasn't a big deal for her friend Lizzie who was all over another member of the band Warren. You would have thought that Joie was going to be sick just being in the same room as Hawkins. Joie, Lizzie and Riley are on a summer trip getting away from the usually things that you do right after you graduate high school. Joie with her dads old VW van and a envelope full of cash. Riley is a writer for the Grimm Brothers so they decided to follow the tour from venue to venue. That is why Joie is stuck in a elevator with Hawkins, she was breaking one of her rules.  

Joie and Hawkins relationship is one of a love-hate. They bash each other from a blog or twitter. When that bashing puts Joie in the limelight she becomes a target for the Grimm reaper, a stalker who is trying all he can to ruin Joie's summer.  With Joie out on the road her mom wondering what she is doing, Joie told her she was following around a Political candidate.  However while writing about J.T Hawkins, Joie used her friend's photo as something of a slap to the face. However it sort of backfired. It gave Lizzie a slap in the face and made it seem like she was the one writing the blog.  Encounters with Hawkins, night after night, was wearing on Joie. She was falling for him and you could tell. However, she didn't know what she had.  

With the Reaper running wild, Hawkins gives security detail and gives her his warning that she really should stay away from the band. That seems like an unlikely option for Joie and her friends. Lizzie is attached at the hip with Warren. Sleeping night to night in her fathers VW van and fighting the urges to break from her rules for Hawkins, Joie doesn't have time for a stalker who will soon be following her.

I have to tell you it took me a little bit of time to get into this book but it was amazing after I did get into it. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my night. Hawkins was a great dose of snarky and sexy. Joie was a girl who was down to earth and had her head on straight for the most part. The deceptions that come within the group is enough to yell out loud. I know my mouth dropped a few times at some of the things that happened. I don't know what girl wouldn't want to be sung to by a hot guy with a guitar then to be swept up off her feet. 
I think for the price of the book you will love it. For the romance, the action and the little bit of mystery its got a little of everything you need.  I have to say I give it a 4 out of 5. I was so surprised at how well this book read for a .99 cent book. I loved it and I think you will too.


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