Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (14)

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish!

Top Ten Couples I Think Would Make it in the Real World

When I first read the topic for this week’s top ten list, I thought it was going to be a super easy one. Turns out it was a lot more difficult than I thought. After a lot of thought here's what I came up with!

Shane and Claire- The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine I mean if Shane and Claire can make it in Morganville they can make it anywhere!

Sonny and Kelley- Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston I think these two have a good connection and the problems they had with their relationship was due to the mythical world they lived in. I believe they would thrive in the real world.

Leslie and Niall- Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr I honestly think that if they would have had the chance to meet under normal circumstances these two could have had a real shot at a relationship. I loved seeing these two together and was heartbroken when they couldn’t make it work.

Bella and Jacob- Twilight by Stephenie Meyer Jacob once told Bella that in a normal world they would have been perfect for one another and would have been happy. That he could have made her happy.  While Jacob obviously didn’t convince Bella, he convinced me. Don’t get me wrong I was Team Edward all the way but in the movie I will admit my allegiance did sway ever so slightly.

Ash and Megan- The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa I love these two together. I think they would find a way to be together no matter the location.

Tamani and Laurel- Wings by Aprillyne Pike Another great couple I think would work. However, I think their relationship would be very different in the real world.

Jace and Clary- The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare Wow! Do these two go through a lot in their relationship or what? I would love to see these two have a “normal” relationship!

Okay, that’s it guys! I didn’t quite make it to ten but there’s my list! Hope you enjoy! Let me know your top ten!


  1. True fact on Shane and Claire. Those two are destined for each other!

  2. I listed Clary and Jace too! I just want them to be happy so badly! Haha.

    Great list!

    Come check out my top ten!

  3. I know what you mean I found it very hard, I've got ten but I'm not sure I 100% believe in them all!
    My Top Ten List

  4. Awesome picks! I really want to pick up a copy of Wondrous Strange. It sounds really good!

  5. I can't even imagine Tamani and Laurel in the real world, but I definitely think they would make it work no matter what. I was always rooting for Tamani!

  6. Yeah I definitely agree with you, I thought it would be an easy topic (because I'm extremely sappy when it comes to romance), but it was so much harder than I thought! I need to read The Mortal Instruments series. I keep hearing so many good things about it!

  7. Yay for Jace & Clary! And I totally agree on the Twilight situation, even though I couldn't get through all of Breaking Dawn. Great choices!

    My TTT

    Randi @ Cardigans, Coffee and Bookmarks

  8. I clearly need to start reading some more! The only couple I know on this list is Bella and Jacob. This is a problem! The Mortal Instruments is very high on my reading list right now. This might have just pushed it farther up.


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