Friday, June 8, 2012

Story Thoughts: Niederwald

Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions

Niederwald is a short story that can be found in Enthralled edited by Melissa Marr and Kelly Armstrong. It is very short, only a few pages. Think of it like a chapter. In the story, Sabine and Emma take a road trip to Niederwald. Niederwald is a city where the line between the real world and the netherworld is extremely thin and because of this there are a lot of supernaturals hanging around there. Of course, the trip isn't as easy as planned and they get into a little trouble.
I read this AFTER I read If I Die when I was dying to read something else Soul Screamers related. I already had Enthralled so I thought it might help me a little. The events in Niederwald are foreshadowing some of the events that will take place in If I Die so, in my opinion; you could read it before or after it and be okay.
To be honest, I wasn’t incredibly impressed with it. The story itself was okay and I did like that it was hinting at what was to come without us knowing it, however, I just found the whole premise of Emma and Sabine going on a road trip alone…odd. I mean they did hang out on occasion but it was always with a group.
One of the things I did enjoy was that Niederwald is told from Sabine point of view. I did enjoy seeing things through her eyes. As with everything in life, things are never black and white, but often, gray. This is the case with Sabine and her motives for doing things.
While I wasn’t overly impressed, I still felt that it was a nice addition to the story. I loved the foreshadowing! If you already own Enthralled it’s worth the few minutes it will take to read it.


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