Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hot Topic Thursday- Paranormal Romance Books- Is any reading better than none?

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I spoke briefly in My Week in a Nutshell post about a comment I read about Paranormal Romance novels being the reason that other countries are ahead of us. My stance on this is “That’s absurd!” for starters. In this post, I’m going to go into more detail about why I think it’s absurd and why I believe that any reading is better than no reading.

I started reading at a young age, in the beginning I read Goosebumps and Fear Street. I moved on to the Hardy Boys and Sweet Valley High. In middle school, I began reading John Grisham and Nicholas Sparks. After middle school though, I just stopped. When high school hit I just didn’t have the time for reading. There were boys and parties, school work, homework, and after school practices. I didn’t have time to sleep let alone read (anything other than the assigned reading anyway). During the summer months, I did find to read, usually while laying out at the beach, but not like I had when I was younger. Then, I watched Twilight and knew I had to read the books. I devoured all four of them in five days and suddenly my love for reading was back with a vengeance. I began reading any Young Adult novel I could get my hands on. Now, two years later I’m still reading Young Adult fiction and I LOVE it. So you can understand why I might be a little offended when someone says something about my favorite genre.
As I’ve said before, I’m a firm believer in that any reading is better than no reading. Here’s why. I believe that ALL good books teach us something. If you put a book down and haven’t taken anything away from it then in my opinion it’s not a good book. Books are suppose to help us grow, teach us new things, give us a different perspective, show us something. That’s why I read. That’s why I love reading. And that’s why I believe that any reading is better than none. Name a good book (one that I’ve read) and I’ll tell you what I learned from it.
There are so many different things that books can teach us. It doesn’t necessarily have to be scientific or historical. It can be something as simple as teaching someone the importance of picking good friends or showing someone how to deal with high school or letting someone know that there is someone out there going through the same things you are and that they can get through it.
Another reason is that reading gives us an escape. When reading, you are allowed to escape your problems and instead live in someone else’s, at least for a time being. Some would argue that the same idea applies to television and movies and that’s true to an extent. The different between reading and watching movies is that reading grows your imagination. Reading is a collaboration of your mind and imagination and the writers. You have to take the words and descriptions a writer gives you and turn it into a world, a real world inside your mind.  I think a lot of people fail to emphasis the importance of this. The imagination is where our dreams begin. Those with no imagination, lack dreams and those that lack dreams, lack true meaning.
These reasons are of course in addition to the obvious ones of increased comprehension, the retention of new words and phrases, and any other historical or mythical facts learned from the book.
Since I’ve began reading Young Adult literature I have read a fair amount of Paranormal Romance and I would have to say that the good Paranormal Romance that I’ve read have taught me something.  Just because what one person likes isn’t what you like doesn’t mean there isn’t something to be learned from it. You have to find what you like and what makes you happy. And if what makes you happy is reading Paranormal Romance, well, there are worse things to be read…

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  1. My position is I did all my required reading in high school and college. Now I get to read what I want. I agree that there is always some lesson in the paranormal books I've read. Historical and scientific books have there place but so do paranormal romance novels.


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