20 Amazing Tips for the Romance Book Marketing That You Can’t Miss

20 Amazing Tips for the Romance Book Marketing That You Can’t Miss

Today we are going to talk about some simple but extremely useful tips for beginners, independent authors or authors with some background in the literary world.

With very little investment or even without spending anything it is possible to execute practically all of the following tips. So, let’s go!

20 Romance Book Marketing Tips:

1- Plan in advance all the marketing and publicity actions for your romance book. Survey all the production costs and broadcasting of advertising materials and establish a schedule for the disclosure to start happening at least one month before the launch of the book.

2- Issue a release for your book! For those who do not know, a release is a journalistic text distributed to the press, with information about the work, the author, and the release.

3- List the differentials, curiosities and applications that your romance book and you, as the author, have. Make a list to facilitate and organize the thought and include it in the release. Be balanced, be careful not to be too modest or too pretentious.

4-Do you have influential friends or acquaintances? Do they write well? Ask them to write a short testimonial or review about your book.

5- Use Google to search for newspapers, magazines, radio, TV stations, websites, etc. and send your book release with a medium resolution JPG or PNG image of the cover. Do not send the email without contacting them first. Try to get the phone number of the responsible people and introduce yourself, saying that you would like to send a release presenting your romance book.

6- Create a launch event for your romance book! It can be among friends, at your school, college, church, condominium or at a bookstore.

7- Prepare a printed or virtual invitation with your romance book cover and send it to your personal mailing list. Ask your friends to replicate it for their friends as well. Do not SPAM in any way! Send e-mail only to those who allow you to do so!

8- Give lectures, workshops or participate in discussion forums related to the theme of your romance book.

9- Be present in the main social networks! Interact! Be a “meetable” and social personality.

10- As much as possible, attend all the fairs and literary events you can. Before the event takes place, contact the organizing team, present your book and assess the possibility of participating as an author.

11- Do not explicitly advertise your book all the time on social network posts! Once in a while it is okay, but the best strategy is to arouse the interest of your readership in a subtle way.

12- Post pictures of the launch, the romance book cover, excerpts from the work, the launch invitation, the links where your releases and reviews come out.

13- Post impacting phrases of your romance book on Twitter. You can create a specific account for your book on Twitter or use your own. There are sites like HootSuite.com, for example, where you can schedule several automatic posts.

14- Create a blog! It can be on blogger.com, wordpress.com, Wix or a hosting with more resources and make available for free small excerpts of your book. Include trivia about how you got the idea to write the book and other pertinent information.

15- Create a landing page to sell your romance book! Unlike the blog or website that has many texts, videos, pages and links on the theme of your book, the landing page is a site with a single page and with the sole function of selling the book or capture e-mails to your contact list offering free download of the eBook with the content in full or in part of your romance book.

16- Buy sponsored links on Google and on social networks pointing to your landing page or to the sites where your books are being sold.

17- If you can afford to invest a little more, produce a book trailer of your romance book. If you want to do something cheaper, record a personal statement or comment of your friends with the camera of your cell phone even presenting your book and put it on Youtube. Be sure to do it! Youtube is now the 2nd place where people do more research on the internet.

18- Partner with literary blogs or blogs that have to do with the theme of your book. Send a free copy of the book to be raffled off and reviewed by the blog.

19- Don’t forget that writers don’t write only for other writers. Be careful not to waste your time and energy participating in groups and pages where there are only writers who, like you, are after readers and promotion. It is important that you look for your readership where it really is.

20- Even if your romance book is only published electronically, I advise you to use offline pieces as well. A postcard, mug, or bookmark, for example, work well for promotion and are relatively inexpensive to produce.

What about you? What have you done or are you doing to promote your romance book? Leave your comment here!

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