Romance Book Marketing – 7 Important Tips for Romance Book Success

Romance Book Marketing – 7 Important Tips for Romance Book Success

Discover your Romance Marketing Differential

This is the starting point for those who want to achieve success and don’t want to lose years and years on the road without being noticed by the reading public. Ask yourself the following questions: Why should people buy my romance book covers and not that of another author who writes about the same literary genre as mine? If you have a good answer to this question, bingo! You have already overcome about 50% of the challenge of promoting your romance book. In the first moment focus on this differential and observe how renowned authors in your genre position themselves, and, invest in your differential in relation to them.

Understand who your reader is

If I don’t understand how my reader thinks and what he expects from my work, I will keep punching at knife-point, and in this context, it would be the same as talking to yourself, being invisible to your target audience. After discovering your differential, we come to the second marketing commandment: understand your target audience thoroughly. Many writers think: the content of my romance book is mostly aimed at women of all age groups, so all women are potential readers, right? Not really. These women have specific interests, habits, and behaviors. Why don’t you start finding out what they are and where they are?

Humanize your Romance content

Have you ever noticed how people like to share and interact with content that defines them? So when it comes to promoting your romance book, give context to the content of your work, draw a parallel between the story of the romance book and situations that people face in everyday life. Use images and sensory details that will make people remember your work. Remember that if the content you create provokes emotion in the audience, it will be much easier for people to store the book’s content in their memory. Take a look at this example of content from Bahian best seller Tatiana Amaral and notice the level of engagement with readers:

Bet on interactivity on social networks to promote your romance book

The fourth marketing commandment helps a lot when it comes to attracting new readers. To arouse people’s interest, bet heavily on interactivity, invite your target audience to interact with your book in a fun, light and relaxed way. And to fulfill the fourth commandment and promote your book in style, take a look at the five web content formats that will get your readers hooked on your work.

The storytelling of the work within Marketing

Every writer who has a good marketing edge will always be an expert at telling good stories. And within a good marketing strategy there is no more convincing way to tell good stories with the so-called storytelling. It is a technique in which you tell stories using images and words in a compelling way, with the aim of captivating and enchanting your readership. And how to do this on the web? Explore social networks by creating provocative content to promote your romance book. Use characters that represent the longings, the pains, and get closer to the reality of your readership.

Promote and distribute your book’s content

It’s time to make some real noise! Web dissemination channels like social media are not just for posting content and leaving it there, waiting for readers to interact. Attractive content alone will not be enough to reach as many readers as possible. Invest in email marketing to promote your book, boost your content, and distribute it in the spaces where your readership spends the most time.

Make contact with romance book bloggers and journalists

For those who are beginning to take their first steps in the publishing market and have recently launched their first book, there is nothing more advantageous than contacting literary bloggers and journalists who write about literature and have specific columns for launch publications. These are people who will extend the reach of your work and spread the word about your romance book to readers thirsty for news and willing to meet new authors. The 7th commandment completes your marketing strategy and will help spread your differential as a writer to the four corners of the country. To get started, take a look at some tactics to attract attention and kick-start your relationship with journalists.

Now it’s up to you! Get started now! If you want to get deeper into the subject, talk to one of our advisors. We offer a free communication and marketing consultation for you. In a 15-minute conversation we assess your current strategy and provide you with personalized tips and suggestions.

Selecting The Right Romance Book Cover Designer and Increasing Sales

Selecting The Right Romance Book Cover Designer and Increasing Sales

If you are reading this text, you are looking for information on how to sell your romance book, aren’t you? Congratulations, this is the main step: research and, of course, learn. This text is aimed at people who believe in your content and are looking to somehow boost their sales and their writing career.

First tip: do not believe in anything and anyone who promises sales. No one can in any way guarantee that your book will sell, much less charge for it. You will simply lose money and get frustrated, remember that there is no shortcut.

Assuming that your romance book already has a well-designed, creative romance cover design that speaks to your target audience, and that you know who you are writing for, all that is left is to create engagement.

If you are reading this text, you are looking for information on how to sell your book, aren’t you? Congratulations, this is the main step: research and, of course, learn. This text is aimed at people who believe in your content and are looking to somehow boost their sales and their writing career.

First tip: do not believe in anything and anyone who promises sales. No one can in any way guarantee that your book will sell, much less charge for it. You will simply lose money and get frustrated, remember that there is no shortcut.

Assuming that your book already has a well-done, creative romance cover that speaks to your target audience, and that you know who you are writing for, all that is left is to create engagement.

I’ve published my romance book, now what?

When you publish your book, your last concern should be sales, why? Because they will not happen, or at most you will have a few sales to a few acquaintances and of course you will be frustrated.

The reason is simple, you don’t have readers yet, you have family and friends.

The question is: how to create readers efficiently and effectively? Learn how to create engagement.

You have two important weapons to create engagement: your physical romance book and the Internet, and more specifically, social networks. This is an incredible advantage if you compare it to other writers a few years ago, when you didn’t have the Internet and it cost a lot to run ads.

Use your romance book as an important engagement tool. Instead of waiting for friends and family to buy your romance book, how about giving it to them, making dedications, and asking them to post and refer you on social networks, thus starting word of mouth?!

Think about it, it is important to promote your romance book, of course, but it will never have the same weight when someone else does it, after all, for a mother, her own son is always the most beautiful.

Launching your book is a powerful way to engage, sending the romance book to influencers in the publishing market is a smart tactic, because it requires a low investment and allows a large reach.

Give your book as a gift on commemorative dates such as Christmas, birthdays and others, this can yield content on digital networks and, of course, the all-important word of mouth.

Notice that so far it is enough to have a few copies in hand to carry out the tips. Acquiring your own book is never wasted money.

Work your social networks, think about your posts, if you have nothing to post, don’t post. Make partnerships with other writers, create Whatsapp groups, hold periodic raffles, in short, social networks have made it easier to spread the word.

The conclusion we reached, according to the writers who sell the most at UICLAP

The best strategy is to invest only in having a few copies of your own book to hold a launch, give away, send to influencers and share on social networks. If the content pleases, you will have sales.

Let’s understand a little more about the publishing market, and here it is worth doing a comparative exercise between the market before and after internet.

As we mentioned before, writers before the internet could not count on the ease of social networks to promote their books and engage readers, the sales channels were only the physical bookstores that served the regional market, and practically only traditional publishers existed as a way to make publishing possible. A difficult time, no?!

About the romance market

With the Internet, many things have changed, including the consumer’s buying habits, who nowadays buys almost everything over the Internet, and this sales channel is the one that grows the most (from 2018 to 2019 the purchase of books through e-commerce grew more than 300% while physical bookstores had a retraction in the same period of 17% and digital books had only 4% of participation, that is, 96% of sales were of physical books.

20 Amazing Tips for the Romance Book Marketing That You Can’t Miss

20 Amazing Tips for the Romance Book Marketing That You Can’t Miss

Today we are going to talk about some simple but extremely useful tips for beginners, independent authors or authors with some background in the literary world.

With very little investment or even without spending anything it is possible to execute practically all of the following tips. So, let’s go!

20 Romance Book Marketing Tips:

1- Plan in advance all the marketing and publicity actions for your romance book. Survey all the production costs and broadcasting of advertising materials and establish a schedule for the disclosure to start happening at least one month before the launch of the book.

2- Issue a release for your book! For those who do not know, a release is a journalistic text distributed to the press, with information about the work, the author, and the release.

3- List the differentials, curiosities and applications that your romance book and you, as the author, have. Make a list to facilitate and organize the thought and include it in the release. Be balanced, be careful not to be too modest or too pretentious.

4-Do you have influential friends or acquaintances? Do they write well? Ask them to write a short testimonial or review about your book.

5- Use Google to search for newspapers, magazines, radio, TV stations, websites, etc. and send your book release with a medium resolution JPG or PNG image of the cover. Do not send the email without contacting them first. Try to get the phone number of the responsible people and introduce yourself, saying that you would like to send a release presenting your romance book.

6- Create a launch event for your romance book! It can be among friends, at your school, college, church, condominium or at a bookstore.

7- Prepare a printed or virtual invitation with your romance book cover and send it to your personal mailing list. Ask your friends to replicate it for their friends as well. Do not SPAM in any way! Send e-mail only to those who allow you to do so!

8- Give lectures, workshops or participate in discussion forums related to the theme of your romance book.

9- Be present in the main social networks! Interact! Be a “meetable” and social personality.

10- As much as possible, attend all the fairs and literary events you can. Before the event takes place, contact the organizing team, present your book and assess the possibility of participating as an author.

11- Do not explicitly advertise your book all the time on social network posts! Once in a while it is okay, but the best strategy is to arouse the interest of your readership in a subtle way.

12- Post pictures of the launch, the romance book cover, excerpts from the work, the launch invitation, the links where your releases and reviews come out.

13- Post impacting phrases of your romance book on Twitter. You can create a specific account for your book on Twitter or use your own. There are sites like HootSuite.com, for example, where you can schedule several automatic posts.

14- Create a blog! It can be on blogger.com, wordpress.com, Wix or a hosting with more resources and make available for free small excerpts of your book. Include trivia about how you got the idea to write the book and other pertinent information.

15- Create a landing page to sell your romance book! Unlike the blog or website that has many texts, videos, pages and links on the theme of your book, the landing page is a site with a single page and with the sole function of selling the book or capture e-mails to your contact list offering free download of the eBook with the content in full or in part of your romance book.

16- Buy sponsored links on Google and on social networks pointing to your landing page or to the sites where your books are being sold.

17- If you can afford to invest a little more, produce a book trailer of your romance book. If you want to do something cheaper, record a personal statement or comment of your friends with the camera of your cell phone even presenting your book and put it on Youtube. Be sure to do it! Youtube is now the 2nd place where people do more research on the internet.

18- Partner with literary blogs or blogs that have to do with the theme of your book. Send a free copy of the book to be raffled off and reviewed by the blog.

19- Don’t forget that writers don’t write only for other writers. Be careful not to waste your time and energy participating in groups and pages where there are only writers who, like you, are after readers and promotion. It is important that you look for your readership where it really is.

20- Even if your romance book is only published electronically, I advise you to use offline pieces as well. A postcard, mug, or bookmark, for example, work well for promotion and are relatively inexpensive to produce.

What about you? What have you done or are you doing to promote your romance book? Leave your comment here!

Ways to Sell Your Romance Book Online in the Romance Niche

Ways to Sell Your Romance Book Online in the Romance Niche

You have followed all the steps that a good writer must take in order to get his book written and published. It took months of hard work until you saw, page by page, your long-dreamed-of romance book in your hands. But what now? What can you do to boost your sales and get a return on your hard-earned dedication? Well, you can hire an agent, who is trained to circulate your romance book in the most different means of dissemination that your book should be in. But there is also another way: betting on online dissemination. Today there are also agencies that deal directly with internet advertising.

Social Networks

When talking about online promotion it is impossible not to remember Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and some others. So there is nothing more fair than promoting your romance book through them. Facebook has its own ad system, Facebook Ads, which is very effective in promoting your book. You can also create a page for yourself or your work to promote your sales. On Twitter and Instagram, make the most of hashtags to promote your work.

Send to the press

One of the best ways to promote your romance book without leaving home is to invest in promoting it to journalists and opinion makers through e-mail. Therefore, you can make a release about the plot and send it to these contacts. The ideal is that you gather contacts from radios, newspapers, TVs, websites and blogs on the subject. If your romance book is more regional, search for contacts in about 10 cities in your region. Otherwise, you are free to choose with whom to share your work. Another tip is to send this release to niches related to the content of your romance book. This way the chances are even greater. You can even create a newsletter and share further content about your book such as book clubs and promotions, for example.

A romance blog will help you a lot

You can also generate content from your story and host it in a blog. There you will post short articles about the book, and you can relate them to current issues that will appeal to the readers of the blog. This is already halfway to a purchase. If you prefer, you can write about different subjects without such a strong link to the romance book in question, but don’t forget to mention it. It is important that your blog has a certain rotation, with posts at least once a week, on set days. This will build reader loyalty.

It sounds like bullshit, but sweepstakes work

There is no promotion without your obvious investment. That is why making partnerships with websites is a good idea. You can provide some copies for raffles in sites and blogs specialized in promoting romance books for readers. Remember this. After all, you are looking for readers, not writers. That’s why it’s important to promote your work on sites geared to this audience. There are many writers who sin in this respect and end up promoting their work to so many other writers who seek the same thing: to sell their books.

Have you heard of romance book trailer

Do you have some money left over to invest? One more alternative is the Book Trailer. Hire a good editor to create a short video about your book. Release this video along with the material on as many portals as you can. This will also help your book to circulate.

Don’t forget that the worst part is over: getting published. Now a certain patience is needed for the results of the promotion to come in. Believe me, with a good promotion campaign they will come. Stay focused and don’t give up.

Romance Book At Amazon KDP – How to Sell Your Romance Book and Novel

Romance Book At Amazon KDP – How to Sell Your Romance Book and Novel

Publishing your romance book:

Since Kindle offers options for templates and font sizes, as well as text selection to even save your favorite snippets, the file you send must be your EDITABLE text, i.e., no PDF! Accepted formats include Word (.doc, .docx) and web page (.html) files. The page layout of the e-book depends on the preferences of the reader, so it will not be visible in the final result, but other elements will, making it pertinent to bet on page breaks and titles selected to delimit chapters and footnotes, when necessary, they will be present both on the device and in applications for cell phones and computers.

On the other hand, they will not be considered different fonts, so watch out for that! My chapter beginnings contain an elephant and the pauses musical notes, both coming from different fonts, and I had to convert this into an image, since KDP turned everything into a normal letter. By the way, speaking of images, they work normally, see? In black and white, of course, but with quality and sharpness. The special characters inserted throughout the text, such as shapes and symbols, for example, also work.

This tool is divided into three pages on the site. The first one with information about the romance book, to put title, subtitle (since my title is in English, I chose one in Portuguese, since this is an international store), synopsis, author’s name, keywords, categories, among others. Fill out all the fields that you think are appropriate with much attention, because they are the ones that will make your story a sure-fire search for the reader when he or she searches for it! The second page is for the content, where you upload the text file and the cover, which can also be made on the spot from a “Cover Creator”, which I did not use because I already had mine, made by Mari, my friend. At the end, after the processing is finished, you can preview your e-book to see how it will look and even download the .mobi file to read on your or other devices.

Selling the romance e-book:

What about the third screen? Well, this is where you set the price of the romance e-book in the Kindle store! They give you several options to choose the best one: WHERE it will be sold (it can be globally or in selected territories), how much you will receive in royalties, how much you want to charge in the currency of your choice (and the system itself converts the others based on that!), if you want to allow user-to-user lending. Read this part very carefully and sell wisely! There is no point in wanting to charge a lot for a short story and it makes no sense to bargain on a didactic production, for example, right? If you don’t have any notion of this, as I myself didn’t, look for the value of similar titles to base yourself on.

Then there are two options: publish the romance e-book now or put it on pre-sale! If you opt for the second, the charge on the reader’s card only arrives on the day it is released and you can still edit your content up to 72 hours before the chosen date. By the way, my personal tip here is to keep an eye on the time zone of the shipping limit! I got it wrong and the people who bought it earlier received a version that was not the final one, with some very annoying errors that until today I couldn’t send them the update, even though I have already resent the corrected book. These little things catch us sometimes, but it is by making mistakes (and crying a lot!) that we learn.

Physical romance book and author copies:

OK, the e-book is nice, but if you REALLY want to have your physical romance book in your hands Amazon has a solution for that too: the regular paperback romance book, which is printed on the buyer’s demand. It’s a VERY SIMPLE edition, with a cover with no dust jacket or fancy stuff like that, but also possible to customize in some ways. Once again you are sent the editable file, but in this case, it will be EQUAL to what you created, with pagination, top-of-page elements, and all the things that already existed in the digital version. It also has a cover creator, with the option to download the template to assemble manually in some image editor taking into account all the final measures, as I did, and right there you can generate ISBN and barcode of your volume. In fact, it is having your romance book in hands, with everything you are entitled to, even the option of a matte or gloss cover, white or cream pages…